Breaking Out of Your Natural and Inevitable Confines in Life

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Hi, dear Steemians!

The title of this blog post must seem like such a mouthful of an idea that could not be expressed using simple language. But that is where you are wrong.
The way we perceive the world is the most important thing when it comes to examining how we make our life decisions and how we struggle to maintain our life and push ourselves forward.
How different do people perceive the world? How much of a difference is this vision going to make in the long run? In today’s blog post, we are going to talk about this concept.

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Imagine two different people who grow up in totally different circumstances. One of them is John, and the other is Emily.
John understands the value of life, and that of time. He knows that in order to succeed, you need to work hard and be willing to push yourself beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone. John thinks that there are two kinds of people in the world; losers and winners.
Losers are easy to spot. Those who make the wrong decisions in life and are lazy end up being losers. Those who work hard and make the right choices that benefit them become winners.

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And then, we have Emily. She is a person who can appreciate the life that she is given. She knows that it is a rare opportunity to exist in this world. She doesn’t think about life in absolutes; that if you try, you are going to succeed, and if you don’t, you are going to fail.
She thinks that chance and circumstance play a huge part in this matter. She doesn’t shy away from struggling for what she believes in, but she is generally more empathetic towards other people and their dilemmas.
Now imagine that John and Emily both stumble upon a poor man one day. John is going to feel disgusted, thinking that the poor old man is just a loser who has made all the wrong decisions in his life.
John understands that there is inevitably a price to pay. Emily, on the other hand, feels sorry for the poor fellow. She even goes so far as to help him, knowing that there are two kinds of people in the world; those who can help other people and those who need to be helped.
That is because Emily believes that not everyone is born in the same circumstances as everyone else.

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Regardless of what these two people believe, it is important to note that both of them are looking at things using their inner perspective.
The circumstance in which they have grown as people helps shape this perspective and mindset. For instance, John has grown up with principle and understands the value of responsibility. Meanwhile, Emily has grown up with sympathy and a general tendency to care for other people.
Now, this perspective is inevitable. But a person who is a prisoner of such absolute vision will always be a slave of their emotions.
The only way that they can free themselves of this single outlook is to understand the value of other people’s perspectives. If we gave the books that John has read throughout his life to Emily, she would begin to understand his outlook. The same could be said about John.

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Having a single vision of the world and its events is an inevitable thing. Most of us are predisposed to have this solitary mindset.
But if we want to create a better life for ourselves and the people close to us, we need to understand the importance of other perspectives.
This is your ultimate confinement in life and when you finally break free from your single vision, you will begin to experience things that were previously unknown to you.




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este texto recalca la importancia de no juzgar la visión de otra persona acerca del mundo, pero creo que si la mayoria fueramos como emily (mas empaticos con los demas seres) el desarrollo de la sociedad sería algo mas integrado, funcionariamos como un conjunto y no como entes aislados que promueven el egocentrismo y la arrogancia. En la medida que se pueda siempre hay que tender la mano al necesitado, al que no ha podido encontrar el bienestar con su esfuerzo personal porque si ellos avanzan tú también lo haces, incluso más. Cuando el ser humano aprenda a funcionar en conjunto con otros solucionaremos todos los problemas.....incluyame en su lista. muchas gracias por su escrito. Ayuda a razonar. @artelita.

This text emphasizes the importance of not judging the vision of another person about the world, but I think that if the majority were like emily (more empathic with other beings) the development of society would be something more integrated, we would function as a whole and not as isolated entities that promote self-centeredness and arrogance. To the extent that you can always reach out to the needy, who has not been able to find well-being with their personal effort, because if they advance, you also do it, even more. When the human being learns to work together with others we will solve all the problems ..... include me in your list. Thank you very much for your writing. It helps to reason. @artelita

(I apologize for the English grammar if something is misspelled, I do not know much about the language, I use a translator)


Hi @artelita, Thank you for your kind and great comment! I'm include you on the list! You are very welcome! Don't forget subscribe to You Tube channel. The channel don't have content yet but I ask to subscribe to peoples knows when post videos Regards


No worries about your english!

People will always act and behave in response to what and how they've been raised in life. This mold their perspective in life which has a positive effect and at the same time prejudice to others' perspective view of life of other people. It's wise to read different books of diverse authors to understand their views. And much better if you can work with them hand in hand. That opportunity will make you change or they're the one to make a change.

I subscribed already to your YouTube channel sir.

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Hi mate! I have read some of your posts and I appreciate that there is some actual effort going into the narrative.
My whole newsfeed is flooded with 3 words posts of links to other peoples publishings 🤷‍♀️ this was quite alarming at first but seeing your posts has shown me its not all spam.

I noticed that you have a list of growing community beneath the post, how do I get involved? I pride myself on my writing and art, often using both when I blog.

Ive been using this platform for just about 24 hours now and I am really looking for the push towards a community sense.

Thanks in advance ✌️

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Thank you @aussie.blogs for your comment. About List if you want, I Can include u, because will be receive a notification every time that I post and start interact with comments, upvotes each others on this community. Let me know if want that I include you in list! Regards


@chbartist I would really appreciate that, looking forward to the time ahead :)!

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Hello @chbartist!

As you indicate in your publication, there are people with different ways of seeing life.

There are those who think that with hard work and sacrifice one can advance in life.

There are those who think that the unprotected should be helped.

But there is a third character of whom nothing speaks but is felt, who plays to be taken advantage of. that person who manipulates others to achieve their goals.

They are this type of people with their actions make the efforts of those who work and those who want to be empathetic, lose effectiveness.

Excellent review @chbartist and you are absolutely right, we all need to learn to think differently and try to see things from other sides. Only such thinking and analysis of what is happening will give us the right decision and a way to fulfill our dreams!

Perspective is the main reason i am a part of this community as through engagement I am able to see different points of view that can help me see the world from different angles in my journey towards my goals.

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This is your ultimate confinement in life and when you finally break free from your single vision, you will begin to experience things that were previously unknown to you.

There are a lot to learn.
And we can't know and experience everything.
We may have the same ways but different destination.

Your post explains the solution of natural confines we live in our lives. That is great really. Thanks for your post

In life beliefs are important and i can make huge impact.

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Heei! Meu inglês não é muito forte. Então comentarei em português, já que sei que saberás ler haha

Fiquei um tempo ausente, mas lembrava de ti la no inicio. E agora o que eu vejo e o que tu tem feito. É muito inspirador para mim.
Quero seguir de perto e entender melhor tudo o que comentou na parte final nas notas. E ah, já estou inscrito no seu canal já tem uns dias ;)



Olá @hranhuk, Nas notas eu estou explicando o que fizemos até aqui nessa comunidade, onde comentários significativos nos posts sempre recebem votos e construímos uma comunidade com muito respeito e generosidade entre as pessoas nesse blog onde uns votam nos outros nos comentários e isso cria um ciclo onde todos acabam recebendo upvotes, você verá casos de pessoas que recebem até 10 ou mais upvotes nos comentários que deixam porque eles ajudam uns aos outros, além disso por aqui só são bem vindos pessoas com o mindset positivo. Pessoas que não agregam, invejosos, não são bem-vindos. Então existe a lista onde as pessoas me pedem para incluir porque elas querem fazer parte da comunidade @chbartist blog porque todas as vezes que eu posto elas são notificadas por causa da menção. E nas notas o que tentamos estabelecer como regra é que, imagine que você veja o post e deixe um comentário significativo. Você receberá o meu upvote com certeza, mas se você for um dos primeiros a comentar e não retornar ao post depois que ele tem mais comentários você não verá as pessoas que deixaram comentários significativos para votar neles. Por isso eu peço para que as pessoas sempre regressem ao post anterior para votarem nos comentários entre elas. Nada é obrigatório mas criamos esse espirito por aqui e são excelentes pessoas que interagem. Os comentários são muitas vezes análises muito boas onde muitos aprendem com eles também. Sobre o canal do You Tube, eu abri porque estou trabalhando em algo que será muito bom para o Steem mas ainda não tem conteúdo porque só vou postar quando eu der o start no projeto, mas estou pedindo para as pessoas se inscreverem antecipadamente porque quando eu postar um vídeo elas irão saber. Se você puder peça para seus amigos do steem se inscreverem também. Saudações e sucesso e espero ter esclarecido as suas dúvidas.


Sim sim! Eu tinha entendido mais ou menos por aí mesmo. Muito obrigado pelo tempo em me responder aqui e esclarecer ainda mais :)

Minha única dúvida é que eu, que ainda possuo pouco SP se eu sair votando geral em todos que participam, ficarei sem banda antes mesmo de completar um ciclo de votos :/

Como é contornado isso? Tem um limite por voto de cada um?

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A simple change in your life can yield huge results!! I recommend this

Hi chbartist,
I’m quite new on th Steemit community, recently I start to follow you and I can say your contents are the best!
You bring a certain quality with your Posts on a very confusional environment.
Also the community that you’ve built is strong and healthy.

Do you have any suggestion for a new entry?
About content and quality of the posts?
Do you have suggestion how to improve steempower?

I’m using Partiko and I’m not sure is the right way, what do you think about?

Speak soon,

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Write me in steem chat to discuss about that you wrote here. But about partiko no problem. It's ok.

That's what you called an open mind.

Hello @chbartist I loved your post is very good

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very nice post............. i like it

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No boundary or barrier surrounds the heart of a person that loves their self and others.

Me encanta cómo escribes, tus palabras me hacen pensar mucho.

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Greatly impressed. I want in!

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