Are You Pushing Yourself or Are You Getting Pulled to Something Greater?

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Hi, dear friends!

Methods that can boost your productivity are great to practice. Ideas that can excite you or give you inspiration are something that many can only dream of getting.

But there is something more important than either of these things, and that is something that cannot be merely achieved by a force of will.

Deep mindfulness is about embracing the true identity of your existence and your purpose upon this earth

It is to know what you must do, and how you must approach doing it.

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Ask yourself a question: Are you pushing yourself or are you getting pulled to something greater, something that you have an urge to do, come hell or high water, and give it the best you have to offer?

There is a huge difference between the two and I am going to talk about it in this blog post.

You see, there are two ways you can approach doing something with enough energy and focus: You either push yourself, because you feel like that you have to do it, or you get pulled because that something is calling to you.

People who try to do everything by pushing themselves and coming up with different ideas, mindsets, and methods to do the things they have to do are simply admirable. But always pushing yourself is not enough.

There is yet another force that compels you to do things that you otherwise would not.

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This is what actually pulls you. You do not have to constantly pressure or push yourself so that you can achieve a milestone.

When something pulls you, you do it with little regard of how difficult it is or how long it will take to properly finish.

That is the power of deep mindfulness; of understanding what is at stake in the game of your life. When you are really passionate about something, about a goal, a dream or a cause greater than yourself, you do not have to push yourself to do things for that dream or cause.

You do it because you want to do it. And nothing is easier to do when you really want something done.

You will have no problem pushing yourself to achieve that higher vision. You do not have to apply methods to boost your productivity.

You are living because of that vision, and as a result, you will spend every waking moment in alignment to that vision.

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It is okay to push yourself from time to time. I actually encourage it. I’ve spent a lot of time coming up with ideas and spreading methods that can actually help you with your productivity.

Be that as it may, I still want to see you find your inner voice; the match that lights your fiery passion and sends it to a journey of discovery and enlightenment. That is the voice that calls to you.

Follow that voice and let it pull you toward what you need to become in your life.

This is the greatest struggle through a man’s life and the ultimate worthwhile endeavor.





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Its like saying, "Try and try until you die."

Its not about pushing or pulling our lives.
Its about living our lives to the fullest.

Try once or twice but not until you die. Switching position and decision might help at this point. Wouldn't your agree @chbartist .

@chbartist I love the way you talk!! True mindfulness is personally my journey- find true self actualization. However, since few around me share my open view of living, I find myself sabotaging and questioning if indeed this is my true path... yet every day I am driven to work towards this path that drives me insane at times ... thanks for the post. ❤️❤️❤️🍸

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Great post. I usually find myself pushing to do things rather than being pulled. I hope that I will find a true passion in the future! Working a 9-5 in which I am not passionate about has been the biggest obstacle!

Could you add me to your list? I would love that!
Thanks again for the insightful post!

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I just wanted to express my appreciation for what you achieve here. Measured on all the effort you are putting into your blog you truly deserve to prospect on this platform.

And this is a really interesting point you are giving me here, right before bedtime. I ve been pushing a lot with my life in the last month. It is indeed rewarding, but also exhausting. I admire the idea of getting pulled into the right direction instead.

I will sleep the night over this idea :)

many regards, s0phos

I usually got energy to get things done by thinking in something big, like my family.

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I think there is much greater wisdom in this world which help people towards their desires, this wisdom is far more intelligience than the human mind can grasp. Even without much effort, nature always shows us are deeper desires. If only we are aware and listening enough to these signs..

@chbartist Truely written appreciate your each and every word... That's true we have to push ouselves to make a better version or ourselves or we will get pulled to be the negative version of ourselves and the chances of getting better version of ourselves by getting pulled is really less maybe due to our own lack of interest. So its better to push ourselves and break our own records. In end, Great work keep it up and btw last thing that have you also pulled or you tried to push yourself???? To get such success :)

Great post sir I really inspired your post. Stop pushing yourself without any reason. When you go away from your goal, you need to manually push yourself to reach the target. Pushing on himself without cause is useless.

Thank for inspiring post.
Keep posting

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Driving your goals with the passion of your actions is the key to have the motivation and grit to move forward and delivering results. It is as if the body and mind get into auto pilot as they work together to achieve the goals set on your path!

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Thanks alot for this piece. you may not know how but i was touched by this.

Thanks alot for this
Piece. you may not know how but
I was touched by this.

                 - adelusin

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I am pushing myself and wanted to be pulled by greater your post

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Thank you for such motivation. Being self driven is important than waiting upon some one to push us

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something greater?

Greater has no limit until you make and call it greater. @canon12.

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Saludos @chbartist

Una forma de conseguir motivación es el entorno en el que uno se desarrolla. Steemit es un ejemplo de entrono positivo que motiva constantemente.

Otra manera de motivación son las personas, identificar y seguir personas con liderazgo, generara voluntad para cumplir el objetivo.

En "Steemit" tenemos buenos lideres, por lo que solo quede es seguirlos

Without well power anything not possible.

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