A Most Important Lesson: One Moment Determines Everything…!

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Hi, Steemians!

Through the years that I have written blog posts here, I have talked about a lot of concepts about the ideal way of living.

It is not an exaggeration or overstatement to suggest that what I am about to tell you today can be regarded as one of the most important assertions that I have made here on Steemit.

One moment determines everything; from where your life is going, to what destination it is going to end and how you are going to experience every incident or event.

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The thing about life is that it’s a consecutive timeline of comings and goings. It never ceases to surprise or amaze you.
You have to be prepared for almost everything, and even then, you are going to be surprised.

It is full of abundance and scarcity. Full of joy and suffering. Full of love and hatred.

But above all else… life is about its moments.

Take a look at the state of your own life.

Are you satisfied with where you are going?

Are you content with what you are doing with your days?

More importantly, are you happy?

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The difference between a person living the ideal life and a person struggling to keep their balance and make everything work is all in the moments.

One moment determines everything. Not more. Not less. It all goes back to one moment.

One moment that we experience on a daily basis. The moment of choice; between doing the right thing and doing the thing that you would later regret.

Making the right choice or making the wrong choice.

Successful people understand the importance of ‘moments’ and when these moments arrive, they do their best to make the right choices.

The right choices turn into a train that will take them where they need to go; a life happily lived and a purpose gracefully fulfilled.

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When it comes to understanding the importance of moments, you should think about your choices regardless of the consequence that they will bring.

Obsessing over what is right and what is wrong should not be a priority.

This is just about the moment.

Am I going to procrastinate or start to work?

Am I going to waste time or use it efficiently?

Am I going to do the thing that is going to harm my future or avoid it?

Make the choice without thinking too much about it.

It is only then when you will make all the right choices in life.

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Becoming successful or moving down a path that will eventually grant you with accomplishments is not as difficult as some people are in the habit of saying.

You see, it is all about understanding the significance of each moment and making the right choice.

When you make the right choice, you ride life straight to divinity. Some people do not need techniques or methods of productivity to set their course straight…

What they need is clarity, and understanding the important moments of everyday where you will have to make the ultimate choice is the path to achieve that clarity!

Be brave enough to seize the moments and make the right choice!



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Greetings @chbartist

Every moment of time is valuable, and what we do at that moment will depend on our decision

If we prepare ourselves to make good decisions, we will make the most of the time

Now, if we do not obtain benefit for our purpose, we will not say that time has been lost, we have only invested time in learning.

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If there is one moment in my life that I think will create a huge impact to my future is when I decided to start my own business and be an entrepreneur.

I'm still at an early stage, in fact I just started just a few weeks ago. I had to take this chance and encourage myself to believe in my strength to fullfil this dream.

One of the reasons why we feel confident about it is the fact that Steem & the community has empowered us and made us believe that we can achieve it. It will not be easy, but me and my partner will go for it and make it happen.

Have a great day @chbartist, your posts are inspirational to our goals in life. Thank you.

Taking these opportunities and executing on them are what makes for the future of success but the windows close very often and quickly so seizing the moment is a key factor. Don’t let them pass you bu easily as most never come back for a second chance.

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It is the little moments that can lead up to a string of paths that change your life :)

It is in these little moments that we realise we fall in love with someone-and spend the rest of our lives together, moments where we realise our passions-and build an empire out of it, or that one project you say yes to-leading you to great connections.

Beautiful topic :) all of my decisions in life have led me to me today. Wouldn’t change a thing ☺️

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When you make the right choice, you ride life straight to divinity. Some people do not need techniques or methods of productivity to set their course straight…

Absolutely correct said that when we make right choice we get more things a long. Like after taking a right decision we feel happy and relaxed as we are sure right things always give positive outcome. Being happy is quite important and making right decision is the key to happiness.

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Sir I think only single moment in life choice right or wrong really have power change your Life moment not repeated again and again in life a wise Porson not missed every moment important part of the best way.

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@chbartist yes most of your posts I read and found them useful. Finely always waiting for a such that proves in their lives a time for a good change but it is not in our control. All this is due to destiny.

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I reade every post carefully you posted on steemit . really many people from us don't realize that the right choice or path is there and what they are doing . when chance close near many of us realize the importance of life and try our best . superb blog chbartist

chbartist witnesss vote for you umah

witness vote done for you chbartist

You truly have a way of inspiring. We all want to live our best life and I appreciate your support... ❤️❤️❤️🍸 have a fabulous night

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chbartist you are groming many people from us thnk you so much . when I join steem community no one was there who upvote me . But when I seen your blog on steemit . and you upvote those who commented on your post I was also incloud those people my rank also grooming for your kindness I'm your blogs fan thats the way of success who you seen us

really a good blog and all previous so beautifully written . and you really building respectable community groom us for live beautiful life . Its helpful to groom our socity and positive thinking about life and people

chbartist your alll posts coool thanks for groom useful community building the socity for all . thank you so much

Thanks for this amazing post! Gave me some new perspective on a few questions I am constantly working on. Cheers!

I really am loving your blogs! Looking forward for the next :)

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I think you are an inspiration here for all of us, i haven't read so much about life before, thank you for sharing your amazing skills @chbartist

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Nice piece. What we need is clarity & understanding the important moments of everyday where we will have to make the ultimate choice is the path to achieve that clarity! Godspeed & please continue to share your thoughts!

Un amigo dice que el tiempo no existe, es relativo, es una construcción para ponernos a correr. Yo creo que hay que vivir el presente, cada segundo, disfrutarlo y aprovecharlo...por eso coincido contigo en vivir el momento, no sabemos si habrá mañana y el pasado ya quedo atrás solo que a veces pasamos tanto tiempo de nuestra vida pensando en lo que vendrá que no vivimos realmente. Apenas te empiezo a seguir pero me gusta tu material.

@chbartist Heya, Truely said and today I realised how your blogs are really perfect as you are writing from long time and practise is making you perfect and motivating newbies like us to work hard.... Keep it up!!! Thanks =)

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There are moments that only come once in life, we must be wise to recognize those opportunities that are presented to us and not overlook them, these are the moments that we should take full advantage of.

When you know what you want, then just do it now. Go for it at once. Delay is dangerous.

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We can only hope for a 51% success rate in the totality of our life. It doesn't sound like much but in the law of large numbers that is a success. It's the other 49% of moments we need to deal with and keep perspective.

Every moment is an important NOW and every now is an important MOMENT, how right you are to put this point forward for people. It seems that many of your avid readers are really taking heed of your words and hopefully putting them into practice in their lives.🙏

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This post reminds me about my 1st post of Coffee at Table no.1
The moment when you choose your next action, it determines your future. Either you can build it or break it within a moment.
Another nice one 👍 @chbartist

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Sometimes, when just reacting under anger, those "moments" you refer to, can live a scarf for the rest of our lives. I admire those people that do not "explode" as I sometimes do. I wonder where the secret is. Maybe internal peace has a lot to do with it.
Anyways thank you again for showing me your point of view. I understand now how important a single moment is to define our future.

@chdartist, yea one minute of our thinking determines where we stand in our life ,but it takes long way to succeed life ,but as you said that one minute is beginning for long journey of success

Nice article✌️

The reason why you need to control your emotions
A certain day a man returns back from his work early, because that day their boss at work decides to give them an off day. When the man returns home and open his bedroom, suddenly he found his wife with another man on the bed. This man drop his bag :continue reading, CLICK HERE

Between the stimulus and response, there resides the "Last of Human Freedom" as Viktor Frankl once named it; Our ability to be self-aware and to choose to respond in a certain way no matter what the environment has prepared for us. They can take away your freedom, your wealth or even your health but never your control over your mind.

The world is yours to grab if you are brave enough to go after it.

We appreciate all the hard work you put into your writing. Keep it going.

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one moment to determine everything is pretty scary...

Fruitful information @chbartist
Good luck..................

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Thanks @chbartist , wise and beautiful words.

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The power of determination

An eye opener, Keep it coming.


it is all about understanding the significance of each moment and making the right choice.
When you make the right choice, you ride life straight to divinity.

👏 This is obviously much easier said than done, but with a little bit of mindfulness practice one will come to instinctively "know" how to respond (or not) to a given situation.
It's not about having any set-in-stone rules; it's about being empathetic in one's daily life—and whether or not you have any concept of "karma," at least everyone benefits from the calm mind that comes with these sorts of practices. ☸️

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I am addicted to your blogs now. They contain so much information about life.

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