A Funny Story About the Difference of Successful and Unsuccessful People!

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Hi, dear Steemians!

When you ask entrepreneurs or successful people in the world of business, they usually say the true difference between them and other unsuccessful and unachieved people is their mindset.

While there is a grain of truth to that, it is not entirely the case. I think that for the most part, what contributes to one’s success is their willingness to put in the effort and do what must be done.

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Though one could easily argue that a powerful mindset lends its hand to effort and willingness to struggle. I can accept that, but the fact remains that ultimately, it is your struggle that opens the way for success.

Once, one of my friends told me a funny story about a very successful person. For the sake of simplicity, we are going to call him Mr. Bill Gates!

‘Do you know Bill Gates?’

My friend asked one day so casually that I thought he was trying to make fun of me.

‘Bill Gates?

Of course I know him!’ I gave an incredulous smile.

‘This guy was a very imaginative and revolutionary type of person.

He made his success when he was young and continued his streak until he became the richest man in the world!’ My friend continued.

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Even though we weren’t talking about Bill Gates that day, he is a good example for the sake of representation.

My friend went on to talk about Bill Gates’ life. About his trials and efforts. About his mistakes and shortcomings. About his success and achievement.

I was in awe from the amount of information he produced. There was a moment of silence and I was deep into his account of Bill Gates and his life.

He then looked at me in an amusing way. ‘Do you know Thomas Gary Elliot Jefferson?’

I thought for a moment. Then another. Then another. I knew no Thomas Gary Elliot Jefferson!

‘No… I don’t think I do.’ I finally replied.

‘Well, of course not. Nor do I,’ He said matter-of-factly. ‘That’s because he isn’t famous or successful.’

Suffice to say, the laughter that ensued gave us a couple of minutes to finally collect ourselves.

It was not the silly nature of his statement, it was the truth in it that I found amusing.

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You see, at the end of the day, if you want to feel motivated enough to struggle for your life, try to see the end of it.

Do you want to be like Thomas Gary Elliot Jefferson?

Of course not! We don’t even know how he is like! Nobody knows!

But everyone knows Bill Gates. Everyone respects Bill Gates. Not simply because of his success and riches, but because of his willingness to do what must be done in order to achieve one’s dreams or goals!

You are writing the story of your life.

Write something interesting that would stand the test of time!




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most of the successful people are healthy as well, they instinctively know a healthy spirit needs a healthy body and they do automatically something for their health.
So the initiative of @nathanmars, the #seven77 pushups challenge of us steem people isn't only effective to promote Steemit on Twitter, it's also a good reminder for people to keep their body healthy.
We would be glad to see you @chbartist joining us, every other Steemian is very welcome as well of course.
Promote Steemit and stay healthy!
Have a wonderful day

  1. "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people" - Eleanor Roosevelt

Successful people talk about ideas and things which leads to healthy conversations and unsuccessful people often find themselves indulging in gossip about one person or the other behind their back, which is completely a waste of time.

  1. Successful people embrace failure, unsuccessful people blame others

Failing is part of being successful. If you are not failing, that means you are not getting out of your comfort zone or trying new things. They are not afraid of failure and take full responsibility for the outcome, whereas unsuccessful people are constantly looking for someone to blame

  1. Successful people are always learning, unsuccessful people waste time.

Reading books is one of the healthiest habits that most of the successful people adhere to. They know the importance of learning and thus dedicate a small amount of time daily to something that would help them grow. On the other hand, unsuccessful people waste their precious time without knowing the consequences of it and face the possibility of facing failure.


Bruh, all of those quotes are true. I love talking about ideas and thinking deeply about things. Most people I've come across like to gossip (yuck) or talk about things that I don't think really matter in the grand scheme of things. I don't really care for small talk a majority of the time. Good thing is, Steemit and social media in general can be a place to meet and interact with others that think similarly to you

Normally I enjoy your posts but this is not one that falls into that category.
Bill Gates would not be my choice for a good example to follow in life. In this TED Talk he casually addresses the issue of Global Warming, he goes on to state that one way to accomplish this goal is to reduce the global human population through vaccination. His foundation pushes vaccines that contain Polysorbate 80 a destructive chemical that has horrible side effects and has the capability to sterilize the individuals that receive the vaccine. I question where does he think he has the right to play God?

Bill Gates is example of what is wrong in this world.


I never know this! This is something that really sounds wrong to me 😱

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Do your own investigation... you see his foundation go into countries like Africa and India and instead of helping with healthy food and clean water they bring vaccines.

People who have great successes leave a mark on humanity, we must leave our mark, as you mentioned in other publications, our traces are those that make us known throughout life.

After reading your message, I remembered one parable.
Parable about wealth
One day, the father of a rich family decided to take his little son to the village, to the farm to show his son how poor people can be. They spent the day and night on a farm with a very poor family. When they returned home, the father asked his son:

  • How did you like the trip?
  • It was wonderful, Dad!
    “Have you seen how poor people can be?” - asked the father.
  • Yes.
  • And what did you learn from this?
    The son answered:
  • I saw that we have a dog in the house, and they have four dogs. We have a swimming pool in the middle of the garden, and they have a bay with no visible edge. We light our garden with lamps, and the stars shine for them. We have a backyard patio, and they have a whole horizon.
    The father was speechless after this son's answer.
    And the son added:
    “Thank you, Dad, for showing me how rich these people are.”
    Isn't it true that it all depends on how you view the world?
    you get everything!
    But to buy any of the above things is impossible. You can acquire any imaginary material goods, even stock up on them for the future, but if your soul is not filled, you have nothing!


Posted using Partiko iOS

Hello chbartist!

With all the respect I think we shouldn't follow the same road that others have taken (for example Bill Gates), everyone should do his own. Yes! we should listen to Bill Gates, only to learn, but then we need to critize him in a constructive way, and this process with all those great people either that have succeeded in his life but also those that have failed and learn why have failed. I hope my vision is seen in a constructive and debative way in order to progress in an empowered, decentralized and free society based in the love to each other.

Keep up the work of education!


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Bill Gates is a terrible example. He didn't get where he was all on his own - he started off with every advantage in life: his mother was on the board of directors of a bank and his father owned a law firm...his parents had a net worth when Bill was young of around about $150 million so, with that in perspective, he's nothing special, just another plutocrat benefiting from the wealth and influence of his family.


Ty for making that obvious point and giving the real facts of where he and others like him really gain their influence and power.You saved me the time of writing a similar comment. Unfortunately most people are blind to how things really work!

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bueno, sobre Bill Gates también hablan de su provecho sobre los esfuerzos y éxitos de otros como Steve Jobs, pero no profundizare en ello. Creo que no puede hablarse separadamente del esfuerzo y la mentalidad. Las 2 van unidas, y no siempre el esfuerzo es físico, puede ser intelectual o emocional, puede verse que si eres tú quien lo impulsa otros hacen la tarea física. depende de la naturaleza del problema a resolver. Puedes ser el jefe del proyecto como el obrero aunque sea tu idea lo que quieres alcanzar. A veces desarrollar algo implica que se involucren muchas personas. Lo importante que debe recalcarse aquí es tener claro el objetivo en el cual vas a poner la mente a funcionar y ver cual es el mejor camino para ejecutarlo. De alli se desprendera la naturaleza de tu esfuerzo. Somos creadores. No importa si fallas. Si lo haces solo cambia la estrategia, el camino a desarrollar la idea y vuelve a trabajar.


Well, about Bill Gates, they also talk about their benefit on the efforts and successes of others like Steve Jobs, but I will not elaborate on it. I think it can not be said separately from effort and mentality. They go together, and not always the effort is physical, it can be intellectual or emotional, it can be seen that if you are the one who drives it, others do the physical task. it depends on the nature of the problem to be solved. You can be the project leader like the worker, even if it's your idea what you want to achieve. Sometimes developing implies that many people get involved. The important thing to emphasize here is to be clear about the objective in which you are going to put your mind to work and see what is the best way to execute it. From there the nature of your effort will be released. We are creators. It does not matter if you fail. If you do it only changes the strategy, the way to develop the idea and goes back to work.


Hello chbartist!

Bill Gates, like many others have been visionaries, entrepreneurs and leaders, who have achieved a team capable of dealing with disruptive processes and generate new paradigms of the market.

These innovators have crossed the limits.

To be innovative we must be visionaries.

Accepting struggles in life and going throught it, is an oppurtunity to grow and learn. Life's always gives challenges that are hard and painful, not knowing that it is just a preparation for something much bigger and better position or role in life.. :)

A very creative and innovative story. So that anyone who reads it becomes a motivation in doing something.

Great content. Thank you for sharing. I want to be part of the community. How do I join?

I recently wrote a post you may be interested in.

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Is this story about success or popularity? Two very different things. While we may not know Thomas Gary Elliot Jefferson – he very well could have been more successful than "Bill Gates" just not as well known.

Inspiring story great person will get this is a example way of successful achieve dreams and goals.
willget unique personality in the world.

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It was very nice . i wana be a part of this community. Told me how to be a part of it


I'm including you in the list. See the last post @aanish118! You are very welcome!


Thnks alot:)

When it comes to writing our success stories, we have to be deliberate about it and not just wish for it.

A lot goes into the process of being successful and as such we need to keep updating our minds and sharpening our strengths

I appreciate your thoughts @chbatist

Thanks for providing me such a good content.
After reading your whole blog, i was highly inspired. And once again thanks a lot.
Hope that you will be back again with the same inspiring blog in the upcomming days.

Having all the riches and popularity, what's next?


So riches and popularity are the means to an end called wisdom?
I guess many people acquire wisdom without having riches and popularity.

I understand 95.59% in this post, and if you post more beautifully, we will understand better and we can improve. Thank you for this kind of posting. We want you to be able to improve in one day.They instinctively know a healthy spirit needs a healthy body and they do automatically something for their health.
So the initiative of @nathanmars, the #seven77 pushups challenge of us steem people isn't only effective to promote Steemit on Twitter, it's also a good reminder for people to keep their body healthy.
We would be glad to see you @chbartist joining us, every other Steemian is very welcome as well of course.
Promote Steemit and stay healthy!
Have a wonderful day
Tom.you are a genius.

Successful people are hard to do: it takes a lot of work, a strong desire for success and great patience. But turning dreams into reality is exciting.

Bill gates is indeed highly successful person in the world. Everyone looks at his success which he has now but very less people might know that reaching at this height is not at all easy. It requires tremendous amount of dedication passion and determination. Thanks @chbartist for the post.

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Truly inspiring and motivation writeup. I think koning steemit is worth enough if I can read more of you.

I would be careful of calling unknown people unsuccessful as we often learn of many key people behind the scenes that have been imperative to achieve key discoveries and technology yet nobody knows them. It reminds me of the movie “Hidden Figures,” which highlighted a few. However, you cannot be known and not successful in something!

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Greate story bro @chbartist i also wanna be a succesful so i am doing hardwork in my life.yt channel subscribed 👍🙂😊😃🙏

Posted using Partiko Android

Wow.. Most of us talk and know many of the successful people yet we ourselves don't emulate their examples. Thanks so much for sharing

Posted using Partiko Android

unknown people maybe have their own success, but others can't learn from them. n famous people give others some chance to know n learn from them

Posted using Partiko Android

When Bill Gates and Warren Buffet go out to lunch together they pay for their McDonald's with coupons, Buffet eats breakfast there every day.

What a great motivational post! Thank you :)

Hmm. Agreed. But mindset does play a strong role in how we progress. Successful people almost always look at challenges as one more thing to deal with and done with. Unsuccessful people on the other hand - mountain to climb. There lies the difference.

I've been both, so I know.

Posted using Partiko Android

Thomas Gary Elliot Jefferson? Is that Thomas Jefferson? Cause everybody knows him haha. Well, Americans should know him anyways.

Legacy is for sure something that is important. How do I want to be remembered? How will I impact people? Most people that die just become a tombstone with a name that doesn't register any meaning for the average passerby. How do we transcend that? It's gonna be tough, it's gonna take a lot of work. Which is why there are so few that transcend that.

Love that story! I have found that some of the most successful people are also the ones who get up super early when the brain is at it's peak state - at 4AM. I also think the advantage of getting up at 4AM is that you are basically giving yourself extra hours in the day. No one is going to bother you at 4AM!

I also agree, success doesn't come easily. You have to work hard for what you want. Unfortunately, today's society is teaching people that it's ok to expect a lot for nothing. Not sure how this concept came to be because I've never gotten anything for nothing. I've had to work my butt for anything that I've ever wanted to achieve.

It may be an unpopular opinion, but:
Success isn't 100% made of effort and merit. It's also made by luck: where you are born, how you are raised, the people you meet, etc.
Thus, I live my life daily. Life will prompt me inputs and decisions to make, and my only goal will be make the best ones. Rewards will come by themselves.

me inspiro en que en realidad en pesar en el éxito se obtiene con esfuerzo y de dedicación me gusto mucho gracias por tus argumentos y teoría de el éxito

You are writing the story of your life.

More or less. If you happen to live in a place being constantly hit by natural disasters, violent gangs, wars, etc., you have a lot less control about the story of your life.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

Before talking about how to be successful, it is important to define success. Everyone should have different parameters. These parameters should change over time. We all have different goals and are in different positions on our journeys.

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Excelente articulo. Gracias

Most people do what bill gates did but most not all sucrifices what bill gates did during his hard time

Posted using Partiko Android

I am truly amazed on this, worth reading.

good @chbartist my bill gates

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Nice graph

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You got a 31.82% upvote from @brupvoter courtesy of @steemium!

I'm of the belief that nothing kills success quicker than sharing an idea, with the hopes of getting encouragement/enlightenment from others. If God gifts you with an inspiration, I suggest going for it...Know that success by man's standards, will always pale in comparison to that of God.


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Sure, your opinion is right.

Without the right mindset you'll waste all of your work running in circles

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