You Should Avoid News and Instead, Seek the Truth of History!!!

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Hello again, dear Steemians!

Today, I have a question for you: Apart from one being in the past and the other what is currently happening, what is the true difference between news and history?

In our current society, you could always have access to news. There are literally tens of platforms that can deliver the news to you in an instant and with no difficulty.

You turn on the radio, you hear the news. You turn on the television, you hear the news. You take hold of your phone, and you see news everywhere.

On most websites and especially social media, there are news agencies working 24/7 to make sure that you remain informed!

But delivering unbiased information is not what these news agencies are doing.

The whole philosophy behind a news outlet is gathering more and more audience, thus making money through advertising and other methods of public appeasement!

More so, such news can never be the full picture. Many news agencies hold their allegiance to a particular party, and dedicate their strong words in support of that party and their harsh criticism for those who oppose said party.

Nobody gets the full picture in a news coverage. And it must be no surprise to you, because you have already seen many paradoxes in a single piece of article from many websites throughout the years of being engaged with such outlets.

The last blow that I will deliver to the idea of remaining informed via news outlets is the fact that most of what they cover are bad and terrible news from across the world, which would in no way have good effects on your mentality.


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