Why don’t I want to show my Blog to friends?

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Last week I met with a friend and I mentioned that I started writing a little bit. She was very interested, especially when I mentioned the system this Blog is based on. You know, the whole Steem thing. I realized that I don’t want to show her what I write about? This started a conflict within me. You got to know, that I know her for a really long time. However, I never talked to her about some real shit that was going on. For example, the whole addiction stuff. I always hid everything, so I can continue living a twisted life.

For some reason, it is easier for me to share my story with internet strangers than real-life friends? Is this some kind of self-protection thing? I am not sure. I realized, that this behavior is really unauthentic. I think I need to open up to everyone around me and start talking about things that I actually care about and things that are going on within me.

Nevertheless, I think I made a lot of progress when it comes to opening up and talking about feelings and stuff like that. Haha, I was horrible before. I tried so hard to become a non-human being. I’m glad that I’m on the right track when it comes to things like these.

I think this is maybe a crucial step when it comes to being “authentic”. Maybe I should just show it to her and say, there it is. There you go! Haha, I don’t know. Did you experience something like that?



I was so far gone it became impossible to pretend I wasn't destroying my life and those that cared about me..

But, I do recall a time long ago where I was very good about hiding my secret lifestyle from most people.. The weight of that is quite unbearable and now that you've removed yourself from the active addiction it's definitely a strong move to open up about it..

People that haven't lived it will not understand but that's not the point, I think the point is claiming the you that you are now with no regrets. It also helps strengthen the resolve to keep doing the right thing. If course it's a, personal choice and people will likely gossip and word will spread. But, you might be surprised to find out most people probably knew something was up and they'll just be glad you're on the right track..


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You're right! Most people are going to be glad that I am good now. I definitely should open up about that. People will gossip for sure. Probably those who don't understand the struggle.

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday with my whole family. My uncle mentioned his neighbors and how one of them was an alcoholic. He talked about it so negatively and almost judgmental. I really don't like that attitude towards people who have problems. Somehow I want to help to change the view of people. Not sure how I can achieve that.

Well happy belated birthday my fellow ♍ Virgo! 🎊

I think the best thing to do to remove the taboo and judgment of addiction is to be open and honest about our struggles and to simply be compassionate..

We know the reality that the guy that talks shit about the alcoholic likely has something in their life that has more control over them than they'd like. It could be anything, schnitzel, gambling, porn, sex itself, TV, football, who knows right?!?

Addiction has no boundaries and impacts all our lives either directly or indirectly..

Knowing that good productive Germans have got a grip on a deadly affliction and openly share their survival stories is a great start.

Ain't life so much better on the other side of that shit?!? I always tell people that don't get it that nobody wants to become an addict, life is difficult enough getting the things we need to be healthy..Being a slave to a substance is not a choice anyone willfully makes.. In the end I'm quite sure addictions thrive when there is a lack of connection to healthy social outlets..

As you've experienced in Asia the family for better or worse is too involved to let a brother or cousin etc fall victim to habitually doing dumb shit.. Us westerners enjoy more family freedoms but at the cost of not talking about our issues.. All humans can become better communicators and more compassionate..

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Thanks mate! :)

You're so right about the social outlets. An addict strives when he is isolated. We should focus on onboarding them back to our lives, not pushing them away. I get, that this can be very hard. Life is indeed so much better on the other side of that shit. Well said, hah!

Wise words brother!

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