My Weird Precognition Experiences, featured in Issue 12 of Mindscape Magazine

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I have had many weird and mystical experiences over the years, but the main ones that stand out the most for me are from when I started meditation.

I started to have small pre-cognition experiences, little things that I think most people have probably experienced, such as thinking of a particular person that you have not heard from in a while, and then they call. Once, I was waiting for an important telephone call but didn’t realise that the sound on my phone had been switched off. Suddenly it came to me… “they are ringing me”. I looked over to my phone, and sure enough the light on it was flashing to indicate it was actually ringing without sound. It was the important call I had been waiting for.

Most of my pre-cognition experiences have been car related. I was driving home late one evening, approaching a set of traffic lights. They were starting to turn from green to amber but I was still close enough to have been able to drive on through before the light turned to red. But no, I didn’t do that! I stopped. And as I was sitting there, I was thinking, I shouldn’t have stopped, because someone is going to drive into the back of my car. A minute later, guess what happened? Someone crashed into the back of me. It was a new car as well that I’d only had for a week! I was kicking myself for days afterwards… if only I’d taken notice, that wouldn’t have happened!

Another time it was a Sunday and I really needed to get some medical advice on something that had been getting worse and worse by the day. I had just got back from holiday so this Sunday was the first day I was back at home and it was that bad I didn’t want to leave it any longer. The problem was that as it was a Sunday, doctors surgeries are closed, and so are the chemists, bar one or two. The next problem was, knowing which of the chemists were open on a Sunday. So, I took a drive to the chemist just around the corner from me, as I was pretty sure I’d seen it open on a Sunday in the past. Got there, and no, it was closed. As I sat there I thought to myself, well what should I do now? There was a choice of either going to A&E at the hospital back in the opposite direction past my home, which I didn’t really want to do, or carry on ahead towards another chemist that may or may not be open. I also had this niggling concern that I’d have to be careful which way I chose to go, or I could have an accident.

I knew I should just go home! But I didn’t want to leave it until the next day. So off I went, back in the opposite direction to A&E, and as I was driving down a main road, a driver who hadn’t been paying attention pulled out of a side road, and straight into me. Again, had I paid attention to my intuition and gone home, my car would have been fine.

Another time, I was giving my brother a lift home. It was quite late at night so the roads were very quiet. Yet, as I was driving, I suddenly had a ‘knowing’ that I should completely slow down, which I did. A few seconds later, a car pulled out right in front of us straight across our path. The car was driving very fast and they obviously had not stopped to check for oncoming traffic. Had I not slowed down, it could have been very nasty. That car would have smashed straight into the side of mine, exactly where my brother was sitting. My brother, completely shocked, turned to me and said “how did you know?!” All I could say was, “I have no idea!”

If any of you Steemers have had any weird experiences, I would love to hear from you! You could also be featured in our Mystical Experiences, Dreams and Visions section in the next issue of Mindscape Magazine.

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