Minds boycotts Google, Facebook, Patreon

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The free speech, crypto powered, social network Minds published a new blog post today.

"Over the past few years, countless businesses and individuals have experienced a pattern of unethical and anti-competitive practices from Google, Facebook and other closed-source networks. These unfair practices, that we know of, include excessive surveillance, data mining, algorithm manipulation, subjective bans, inconsistent enforcement of terms and even complete de-platforming.

In response, Minds is suspending our support of all Google and Facebook products until the above mentioned items are resolved. Centralized payment platforms like Stripe (which powers Patreon) and PayPal have also been removed from our monetization systems and we are working tirelessly to evolve the Minds token into a true solution for creators. The beauty of the blockchain is that it cannot be censored."

Read full post here: https://www.minds.com/minds/blog/minds-bans-google-and-facebook-920414642387533824

Is it only me or is something really happening right now? I understand that I'm a part of some kind of filter bubble, but my general experience is that more and more have had it when it comes to Big Tech and are looking for alternatives.

I'm still on Facebook, but I just use it to manage pages that I need for marketing purposes. In 2019 I will put more effort into trying to bring people into alternatives like various Steem DApps, Gab and Minds. There is still a misunderstanding that crypto or blockchain is "complicated", but that's not really true anymore.

2019 will be an interesting year, let us all do whatever we can to bring more awareness to the pro freedom alternatives available.

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