The best ways to collect your (coding) ideas

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Ideas for new programms come up all the time, but we forget many of them before we're able to write them down somewhere. So here are the, in my opinion, top 2 apps for doing so. Depending of wether your a solo or team developer.

For solo developers(Mindly, Android and IOS)

Mindly is a free App with which you can easily create mindmaps and put various information in every branch in form of small texts. Here are some screenshots from the app:

Core of the mindmap:

First Branch:

Information inside the branch:

App on IOS

App on Android

For development teams(Google Docs, Any Plattform)

If you are in a development team and you want to make a file with all your ideas and the ones from your partners than google docs might be verry good. It's like all the MS Office Apps just in your browser and with the optio to share your files with other google accounts. This would give you the option to make a text, Exel or Powerpoint file all of your buddies are allowed to edit. Here also are some screenshots for google docs (sorry that they are in german but above the screenshots are explanations of what's shown in them) :

Homepage(where you can choose what kind of document you want to make):

Creating the document(you can select between a number of prefabs like an empty document, a letter or a  rèsumé )

The document itself

The page where you can share the document with other google accounts, so they can edit it(even at the same time as you)

Google Docs Page

End Words

I hope i could help you with this post and that this will keep many great ideas in your mind so that you can create whatever comes to your mind as soon as possible.