The Tunnel

in mindinspired •  last month

~~ The Tunnel ~~

Draw of the passage

Pulling me in

With speed I propel, as if I’ve become the wind

Calling out to the Warriors

~Voices of divinity~

Arms raised, I write

In motion renders truth upon the universe

Lit gloriously

Courage becomes the driving beat

Water rolls slowly down, covering my face

The flavor – vitality

A map drawn and touched by hands of tumultuous ache

Resistance is tossed into the ether

The energy, I embrace

Wrapping it’s arms around all that I am

Coursing in through my veins

Until the core of my life is reached

Fulfilling the desire of why

Visions rise

Alterations of science

Divine truth is traced

Embossed upon my soul

Now, a part of my story

You begin.

~ MindInspired

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