Watering is your part of the job

in mindfulness •  2 years ago

I know exactly where many of you are right now... I know it because I too have experienced it.
It is the moment in which you think that you are applying all possible tools for creating your own life, but there is no evidence in physical reality. I was there. And for my taste, I was there for too long...

I will share with you what then kept me in the momentum of new cognitions and literally gave me strength to come in to the vicinity of my goal... And then miss it.

Imagine a seed. We plant it. Put it under the ground at the depth necessary for a beautiful flower to be able to sprout up from it. The momentum of growth starts with the first watering. Watering is your part of the job. Nothing else...

Momentum of life, God and creation is everything that is happening inside of the seed. It is the part you we can not see. Firstly, because it is happening under the ground, and secondly, because it is happening inside the seed. Therefore, we can't see it!

And what do we do then? We become fainthearted because we can not see. Because we are relying on our eyes which are our most imperfect type of the senses?

You not being able to see something, does not imply that it is not happening anyway. The process has started. Those who know that emotion is the first manifestation, and that change of belief, maintaining the vibration and focus are the most important part of the job, know that all of this is the part happening inside of the seed.

People are divided on the people who know this, and on the people that don't. And what is more important, on the people that are watering their seed, and those that don't. Or they give up. And we are so loved by the Life and the Process, that even if you don't water, the rain still falls!

Momentum continues waiting for you to try again. And after some time the flower starts growing. A part of the flower is emerging out of the seed, but it is still not visible on the earth's surface. And that is where you are looking. And again, dejection.

Where is it, it is not here? This is not working, maybe the seed is rotten.

No, rotten is only your knowledge and faith in the process from seed to flower. The most important part of the momentum has happened long time ago and requires you faith, patience and water...

Earth has done its job, the Sun has done its part, the rain the has done its work, impulse of the life as well... It depends solely on you and always on you whether the flower will see the light of the day, and will your eyes witness the flower.

In the moments of my own discouragement I was honest to myself. I knew I have not done this part, that I've skipped the "watering" and that I have started doubting. In that moment I am hampering the flower's development. And it can also wither.

In one crucial moment I have made a decision that I want to arrive at the end of the road.
Patiently, faithfully, doing every part of the my job right.

The one that persists has to see the flower.
No seed is not eager to become a flower.
So it always becomes.
And you will too... Blossom...

Thank you for reading.

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much wisdom here -- believing in what your eyes can't see, but in due time we will reap a harvest, if we do not give up

Your post was beautiful :)


@bontonstory: Yup, beautiful, and a reminder, as well.
@eneismijmich : I'm glad to have bumped into this post, it's the answer to some of the thoughts that have been bugging me lately.

You not being able to see something, does not imply that it is not happening anyway.

This is so true, and for many many things!

I look forward to reading your posts, they are full of wisdom, sense and motivation.


Thank you! I appreciate your feedback.

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