Change your life in 30 days

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Thirty days are required to create a habit and for certain things to become your routine.
Thirty days are needed for your dominant point of view to change.

Is it really possible to change your life in 30 days? Yes!
Will it actually change? Depends exclusively on you.

Through meditation you will realize that you are not your thoughts. You will get to know a lot about yourself. You will clear up your past which possibly bothers you. Meditation has great benefits for body and cardiovascular system, it even affects the largest human organ - skin.

If you start meditating daily, it is impossible that you will not witness the changes in your life. Impossible! Nothing raises vibration the way gratitude does. I deeply believe that gratitude is the single most effective tool to fight an unhappy life and dissatisfaction. It changes focus, and consequently it affects whole perception of your life. Practice gratitude, and soon you will be able to list over 20 things you are grateful for with ease.

Be grateful every day. You can even start writing down your gratitude. Few minute of focus on writing down your gratitude will raise your vibration, and you will immediately witness some kind of change.

Be thankful for your health, for healthy hands and legs, for being able to see and hear, for you children, family, partner, the Sun, rain, snow, for the food you ate that day, for the water you drank.

Begin and end the day with affirmations. You can pronounce them out loud in inside yourself. When the pronunciation induces an emotion inside of you, then it possesses the power of creation.

Create in your imagination. Visualize what makes you happy. That is the only goal. Don't visualize desperately to attract something. Visualize to feel good. When you feel positive emotions, it means you are doing it right.

Visualize everything you want to experience in your reality. Expect wanted and rejoice. Don't notice that the wanted is not present, because in that way you are stopping the manifestation. It will come in the best possible time for you. For now, it can serve in creation of positive emotion.

Become a narrator of the new story. Let go of old stories which are not useful and were never of use. Create the story of your life. Become a writer. You can write your own story. Write a heading Story of my life and list everything you want to experience. You will be surprised while reading those lines once in the future, how many of it have come true in your reality.

Pronounce every day it would be so nice if .... and practice a method what you want and why you want - while you are waiting in line, while you are showering, while you are driving.

It is impossible not not to feel better immediately. Those are two easiest methods of raising you awareness.

Pick your methods of choice, the ones that you feel are useful, and practice them daily. You can practice all of the methods in one day, or you can practice one of the methods per day. For best and faster results, it is best to practice multiple times per day to keep the wanted level of consciousness.

Every day we make choices will we be happy or not. Yes, happiness is a thing of choice. You are the ones that choose to work on yourself or not! The most important part is to set off. A decision is always first! A decision that you will take the matter of your life in your own hands. You have got nothing to lose, and you can gain so much. Just start.

Only a few days of working on yourself are enough to witness some kind of manifestation. I also recommend reading my posts several times. I know from experience that we are sometimes not able to perceive the things that are not on our vibration. As your level of awareness will raise, everything will become clearer. These are the thoughts that are required to be repeated again and again.

These are the thoughts that need to be lived, and then all of your wishes will come true!

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Thank you for reading.

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I like your reference. We are interdependent with each other. We are one of the components of change or our happiness.

What did you learn about the path?
I learned, replied the Prince, to see what is in my power and what is beyond it, what depends on me and what does not. (Http://

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grat ppst.I. like it.

Good stuff! Upvoted and will be following to see more . Sarah

Many of these ideas are part of 12-step programs. Also the book called Power of Now is a great book going into depth on how to meditate. Also The Secrect has a few book titles that are very empowering. Thanks for the post .