Are you looking forward to success of others?

in mindfulness •  2 years ago

The situation in which you can be the most proud of yourself is when you are you're looking forward to another's happiness, love, abundance and success.

It does not only mean that you are a truly good person, it also means that you are intelligent enough that you understand that everything must return to the source from which it came from.

"What you wish for me comes after you, what I wish for you comes after me."

If you are not looking forward to every success, it is really a time to evaluate your own happiness. Some can not seem to understand this.

I will try to describe this once more, this time with a more picturesque description.
Some find the idea easier to grasp when they can visualize it.

Imagine that you are surrounded with a certain number of people.
And that everyone is holding a wax candle.
You want to extinguish their candle, thinking how yours will then have a stronger light.
And you start blowing in them.
And what happens?

You put out your own...

Thank you for reading.

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I've never thought about it that way, and you're right. We should wish for everyone to be happy in life. It's definitely how life should be. Trying to help others.


Thank you for thinking that way. If everyone did, a world would be much better place.
Have a nice day!

Our mission should always be to help people help people.

With this mentality we would always be seeking success in others as a means to our own success.

Good one @eneismijmich

Absolutely, just wrote about this as well - get out your bubble and start caring about the world, then whole new opportunities will open up and you become a happier person with purpose.

I like to think about Steemit in a similar matter. If Steem prices skyrocket, not only do I benefit, but so do thousands of people! It's better than me buying a winning lottery ticket, because if Steem succeeds many others will reap rewards as well. And no matter my situation, there is always someone who needs a run of good luck more than I do.