Staycation and Mediation: Why I Meditate on Vacation

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I took the boys on a staycation this year. Even with things being hectic, I felt it was really important to get out of town and have a nice vacation we can all remember.


I have anxiety, I don’t like saying I have things and maintain a pretty positive attitude for the most part. And I am realizing that even though you can’t see it, I have anxiety and it rears it’s head especially when I take trips and have to pack and get ready for trips. Add packing for an infant and let’s just say I was feel pretty anxious about how to get ready and get all my work done and hit the road, and I did it!!!


I knew I needed my coffee lol and some nature and meditation time. We found this rad coffee shop that had amazing drinks and even had gluten free foods. I was pondering where to hike and as I was talking to the barista found out there was a gorgeous paved trail right out the back of the coffee shop. It was right next to a river too, which meditating by the water is one of my favorite places to meditate. I find it so much easier to relax and the sound of the water is so soothing. Many times I will picture the water rushing over me and cleansing me and I feel extremely relaxed by the water.


They had chalk for to draw in the back and Cion stopped to put his initials.


This is the Blue River Trail we hiked, what a gorgeous place to hike.


Anjel slept through most of it and woke up happy and wanting to wear his brothers hat:)


There was a bench at this spot and I asked Cion if he would meditate with me. He said yes, we sat on the bench and I led him through a grounding guided meditation. First we began to focus on the breath and the nostrils as @bewithbreath has us do. Then we pictured roots coming out of our feet and reaching deep into the ground. I told Cion to find his special crystal in the center of the earth to dive his roots into. I then told him to bring any parts of his energy he may have left somewhere else and to put a filter in front of him to only bring back to him what is of his highest good. We then sat in silence, focusing on our breath and grounding deep into Mother Earth. After about 5 minutes he got up and said he was done. I was pretty impressed he made it as long as he did. He explained to me that he saw himself above the bridge next to where we were, and it was as if he was looking down outside himself. He really connected with sapphires and emeralds in his grounding part of the exercise.

That night he asked to meditate again and we did the meta mediation. He was so insightful into forgiveness and mentioned a couple bullies that he was having a hard time forgiving. I encouraged him to bring those people in his mind during the meditations and that he can forgive when he is ready. He asked me to meditate many more times over the trip. His visuals of energy, love, and connection with earth were truly amazing and inspiring. I am so grateful to have such a sweet boy that is so insightful into his own emotions and feelings.


I am so grateful to share my love of meditating with my children and all those around me. It is truly a gift, and I hope my sweet boy will continue this practice throughout his life. The Mindful life group on @naturalmedicine has been a true blessing to me and my family. It has brought me connection to others and reconnection with myself and my writing. Many thanks to all of you who are a part of this lovely group.

May you all be filled with peace and love tonight! Thanks for taking the time to read my journey, this was supposed to be my Mindful Monday post and hey gotta let things happen when they do! Lots of love 💜💕💙🙏🏻

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Brilliant...Give our hugs to Cion and tell him he is doing one of the great thing in life early on. Wonderful technique you have for kids meditation. You reminded me of this quote from Dalai Lama ypdgolt6fl.jpg (

Aww thanks so much!! I love that quote, thanks so much for sharing:) grateful to be back in the groove of meditating again. Thanks so much for your continued support and presence. Fun to watch the meditation hall fill up more each week 🙏🏻

Pleasure is mine my dear 🧘🏼‍♂️🧘🏼‍♀️


Wow, good job mama! I would have loved to have been exposed to meditation as a child. Especially as an introvert, I think it would have helped me deal with some of the usual strains and stresses of early adolescence better. Shoot, I have a hard time meditating for 5 minutes as an adult, so sounds like he did great for an active young boy! I am really enjoying the group meditations, as well. Saturdays are a little tough to fit in so I missed today, but I am making Wednesdays a priority to take that time for myself!

Thank you very much! I feel similarly, and even as an adult, I must say having this group makes it easier for me to keep up with it. I did a symbols meditation every day for 2 years. I missed only a couple of days the whole 2 years, and once the commitment to do it was done I fell off the wagon. It’s amazing how a group can motivate me to keep accountable with the agreements I made to myself. The other night we did over 7 without even noticing. I was amazed at his focus! I am glad you are taking the time for yourself too. I believe the time we give to ourselves is precious💜💕💙good job for prioritizing self care :)

You are so lovely. What wonderful skills you are teaching your kids. That sounds like a beautiful meditation to do and your Cion clearly loves it. Fancy learning how great forgivenss is at such a young age!! Love you x

Thank you so much @riverflows! I’m sorry I didn’t respond sooner, I got sick and was out of commission for a couple days and just got behind. Thanks so much for the positive feedback and support, it really means a alot! It’s so wonderful that he loves to meditate and amazes me how self aware he is! Thanks for all the love and support! Love you too 💜💕💙

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