PeakD Buddha Day Celebration - 3 Basic Teachings of Buddha!

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Hello and Namaste, (Cross-posting Hive/Steemit😊)
Today we celebrate Buddha Pooja (Buddha Birthday, Vesak Celebrations – BE 2564) (although it may vary in different countries). On this occasion, it is timely to remember the 3 basic teachings of the Enlightened One:

  1. Sab Papse Akaranam (Avoid bad deeds)
  2. Kushal se upa sampada (Cultivate good)
  3. Sa chita pariyo dapanna (Purify the Mind)

Avoid bad deeds
In basic terms, this can be described as 5 moral precepts (Panch Sila), i.e:

  • Stealing
  • Killing
  • Intoxicating
  • Lying and
  • Sexual misconduct

I gave this a mnemonic, SKILS (not the quite correct spelling I know, right😃).
You will find this Pancha Sila engraved in stone/concrete on entrance to Main Lumbini international monasteries, Lumbini being the birthplace of the Buddha in current Nepal.


Cultivate good
This can be considered as collecting the 10 virtues (paramis or paramitas):

Purify the Mind
And the 3rd teaching is about purification of mind through meditation. And it can be said that, the first and second teaching above is very likely to be dependent on the state of the mind. With pure and wholesome mind one cannot commit bad deeds and likely to do more goods and vice versa. So in essence, this 3rd teaching "purification of mind" is probably the most important. At the same time it is argued that without 5 moral precept and cultivation of good one cannot progress much further in meditation. In that sense, all three are complementary to each other.

Through meditation one develop equanimity or equipoise of the mind. Most of the time mind is craving for pleasures and running away from displeasure. But the meditation will help keep the mind in equanimity - you could say you become the master of your mind not the servant.

When mind is in such level of equanimity and tranquility how can one not be happy and in joy? And if one is full of joy how can s/he not follow the pancha sila and cultivate good? So in essence, Buddha's teaching is less of religious or philosophical and more of a lifestyle choices. Would one consciously choose to suffer? Answer seems obvious.

With that in mind, I would love to support and encourage people to continue their meditation practice, particularly in this difficult time we are facing globally. We currently meditate most days at 8:30pm UK time.
CLICK HERE if you want to try meditation or want to meditate regularly in virtual group environment.

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With Peace Love & Joy 🕉❤️😊
Let’s grow together in wisdom through #meditation 🧘🏼‍♂️🧘🏼‍♀️

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