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What a great week we are in here @pekom.
After our introductory post , getting to be able to maintain our stance.
It's very important to seek for help from great steemians,
Monetary help and assistance is quite important rather we want to base on the help for growth, expansion and stability as well as recognition.

p_hyperbrains have enough reasonable plans and visions to make do with as a steppings but we want to dwell on enough knowledge from leading steemians .

We made a chat session with @dreamchaser of @airhawk-project .
As well as @Jeaniepearl of @euronation.
Letting them recognize our purpose and what we need.
A lot of positives to come from them.
@composer a fellow motivator has given listen hears .
We are coming out clean and cleared to him.
@akintunde and @bleepcoin of @reachout will also get a proposal for assistance from us.

This is how far we have being able to fare for this short period of existence, the growth might seem slow now but we are moving somewhere.
@pekom we will all be ready to make do with outspread information to our followers.
We believe it does a lot of good for the followers -moderators inter relationship.
We have got no change in the ranks of moderators.
@harbysco .
If need be we will set up a recruitment post .
With both electronic and one interviewing.
This is needed to ensure we have the right packages for our followers.
And also to make sure the goal and vision have not being compromised.

@pekom we welcome volunteering in Given ideas , advice , concept and so on from every persons.
We assure adequate appraisals within our ranks .

    Let's remind you  

Pekom_hyperbrains is an establishment for goal setters, we want to make you grow in what your strength is,
We believe in what you can do with your #onebrain #onemind #twohands .
It's quite understandable that we have a lot of land to conquer.
A lot of mind to repair
A lot of sights to be cleared .
A lot of hands activated for work .
We are doing this step by step.
One after the other ,
We will get their ofcourse.

#mindactivism is what we do
It's what we want to achieve
Getting hold of a stable community makes the water iced .
We will not weary ,
We will stand tall.
And achieve our goals .
Thanks for reading

Kindly upvote, resteem and comment.

CONTRIBUTORS : @pelvis @thollulope @boloney @composer @olanrewaju @harbysco @reachout .

#mindactivism #mindactivism #mindactivism

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