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One Mind

In accordance with the goals of this community
ONE MIND in our keynotes ,
Signifies the ability of a man to utilize his mind for what exactly is he wants to do.
Superiority of our mind to every physical body parts is distinct,
hence has no bound ridges.


The One mind that we have ,
though can not be touched , or seen,
But it can't be felt and expressed ,
The abstract nature of the mind has a high degree of delicate feature .
A toil with the mind is like toying

One mind that we have goes as far as:

lifting esteems.
Breaking hearts
Lifting Egos
Mental organisation
Psych power control .

We cannot see or touch our abstract feeling,
All we need to is control it to work with our consciousness.
mind is synonymous to thought
Involving the private conversation with ourselves without the second party.
Reasoning, guessing, memory,
Perceiving are controlled by set of COGNITIONS
Which makes up the mind .
With a lot to deal with,
With a lot to sort.
With bills to pay,
With reasons to love,
With battles to overcome,
The mind has to be in a balanced situation.
To ensure controlled activities.

we have the drive to help the mind of many less privileged
We have the drive to fight for the mind of severals I.e #mindactivism.
The moment we can get hold of the mind,
One brain gets to be hyper active #hyperbrains
And our Two hands will get to work.

             This is @pekom 
We want a world of men with the**One Mind** 


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