Conditioning Your Mind to Be Great

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There are some things in life that are just difficult to fathom, difficult to accomplish and impossible to achieve. When you encounter these things you can either succumb to failure or just accept it as your only reality, or you can make your own ending. It is not going to be easy. It is not going to be easy to fight against the tide but you have to do it if you must and it is not going to be easy to work against what is natural for our body and mind.

Conditioning yourself

Think of your mind as a muscle. It may be thinking and functioning a certain way, but you can always teach it to do something else. If you think differently, then you can condition your mind:

Stop being afraid. People have fears. It is part of human nature to fear all kinds of things but you can teach yourself to stop being afraid. You can choose to just say ìI refuse to be afraid anymoreî and suddenly, things will be easier. Your fears will amount to nothing and you will realize that you are bigger than your fears. To condition yourself to stop being afraid you have to slowly make yourself encounter the elements. Take things a sip at a time, until you become fully immune.
Dare yourself. Risks are dangerous. Risks can strain you and bring you harm but you sometimes have to learn to take risks, especially those that are worth taking. Dare yourself to do things that you would normally refuse to do. Dare yourself to go against the flow. Dare yourself to do something that is totally against your principle. Dare yourself to be different from what people expect from you.

Harbour nice thoughts. Happy thoughts can easily build confidence and highlight a positive energy. If you harbour nice thoughts you will have the right energy, the right emotion and the right motivation to do the things that you have to do. By making your positive thoughts the fuel of your vehicle you can be sure that you will have a favourable ride.

Dance when no one is looking. This may be a little ridiculous, but you should not take it too literally. Dancing when no one is looking only means that you should give yourself an opportunity to let loose and just be yourself. Dance like nobody is looking, so just go ahead and do things and care not what other people say. If you think you are bad at it, who cares? If you think you are going to make a mistake, why should you stress about it? If no one is looking you should not worry about whether or not, you do things right or wrong.

Visualize your life the way you want it. Allow yourself to dream. Even if it seems impossible and all the signs are pointing to ìnoî, you should give yourself a reason to think that things can happen, and you should allow your mind to wander off and explore a world that you have not seen before, where you are on top and your life is just as you want it to be.

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