The brain's neutral reaction is the cause of obesity

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Guys new study states that if the brain does not respond to hormones that control appetite, then weight may increase.

According to the Daily Mail news, we have two main hormones related to weight in our body. The secretion of the grylen hormone is caused by the stomach and it seems to be more hungry. It slows down the body's ability to eliminate metabolism and fat.

The second hormone is leptin on which this study is based. This hormone plays an important role in controlling the weight in the body. For this, it sends signals to reducing the feeling of hunger on the brain and eliminates more calories. This is why Lepetine is considered important for obesity.

In earlier research, it has been found that there are more problems with weight in people who do not have leptin. Researchers from the University of Michigan discovered in their new study that why receptor leptin can not work because the receptor, who receives the sign of leptin, is not able to work.

They found that the receptor has two heads which revolve until they have contact with Leptin in the brain. One possibility is that there is absence of these ends in the obese people's receptors so that leptin can not be attached to the brain receptors.

Alan Saltiel, director of the Life Sciences Institute at the University, said that Leptin is the main controller of food intake, so the biggest obstacle in the discovery of new drugs of obesity and diabetes is not to understand why resistance to obesity leads to obesity. This study was published in the journal Molecular Cell.



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