How to make brain smarter and sharper

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Ok I was once considered ‘slower’ according to some people yet by others I was perceived as someone with great potential.

I have learnt that our environment plays a pivotal role in our growrh. If we spend time with people who are highly evolved then this will have an impact on our development.

In the meantime these are the things I engaged in to become sharper as I was actually quite ‘slow’ for a period in life (approx late teen period). I then turned it around:

  • From age 4 or 5 watched Kung Fu movies… what we watch as kid is usually stored … especially if it has a ‘WOW’ factor… although I slumped later as a kid due to environments I still later activated the memories encoded in my body of being ultra sharp … like Jackie Chan! Hoo haa poo poo :) … Recommend you watch some Martial Arts Movies (occasionally)

  • Downloaded Brain Training apps on my phone

  • From approx age 5 I started playing video games and became quite an expert and completing most of them pretty quickly as I got older, some were too difficult for me whilst still young yet games made my mind much much sharper. I would not recommend playing Playstation or X Box now because the games are far more time consuming unless you are retired or financially free. Maybe downloading some games on your phone eg some sniper shooting game or various other themes

  • Practised Creative Visualisation

  • Practised Image Streaming (though admittedly I only scratched the surface on this years ago and then forgot about it for a long time and have not done enough… only a small amount overtime)

  • Studied a little on Accelerated Learning Techniques (will be looking to complete a CD book I have at some point soon)

  • Started learning Memory Techniques such as the Memory Palace and The Journey Method… there are more… look up Dominic O Brien… an world memory champion

  • I did do some Martial Arts (formally) which made a massive difference to my awareness and sharpness. Yet practising at home after watching Bruce Lee, Jet Li and Van Damme movies certainly helped. Shit be careful though… as I did smash a few lamps!

  • Play football with my friend’s dog… he is super mega hyper and insanely alert… spend time with Alfie and boy will you never get a chance to sit down. Dogs are great
    Play football… trust me professional football players are very very active and sharp… the speed at which their eyes move is much quicker than the average joe who works long hours in a 9 to 5 office job and never does any exercise. Avoid being that fat joe :)

Good luck in unlocking the genius in you!


Haha. Ditto on the exercise. I feel slow if I take a week without playing football. I get a chance to use up all my energy and I agree the part about making you sharper.

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