Extremely Low Frequency Mind Control Technologies & The Impact They Have On You

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Electromagnetic weapons are silently being implemented and put to use today in America.  Y2K; voice to skull and EEG’s or brain scans of individuals are now being siphoned through the use of our technologies.  A good 99% of what they are doing is being hidden from us, and a good amount of people who do know that this technology exists feel it is critical to get their stories out and get people aware of the detriment that these technologies are causing.  People need to be aware of the things that they are facing because they need to be aware of how easily manipulated we are as a people, and how we can be forced into these diagnosis where they are able to do a lot more by getting people to take medications.  In order to protect yourselves from satellite based mind control, you first have to be aware that these things exist, and learn how they are being used on people today.  Secondly, you must have an open mind to really think that these things exist and that people are willing to use them to subvert your realities.

We’re seeing these things being talked about all over the internet and people are coming forward about their experiences – even people who don’t really know much about them fear they are being controlled and attacked by very advanced technological tools that not only can download thoughts and voices into peoples heads, but can do a various amount of other damages up to controlling the devices within your house.  The mind is becoming well known to be up-loadable and down-loadable using different frequencies and different electromagnetic weapons.  It is also true that peoples minds are easier to control then one might imagine and if you pay attention here, you might learn something.  Eventually the government is going to have to recognize these things as a problem and a victimization problem and a criminal problem versus a psychiatric problem.  Most of the people who have complained about these problems have been swept up by a psychiatrist and put through more victimization then they have already been put through.  Most of these victimization is being done through remote neural monitoring of your brain scans to use your own brain scans in a way to manipulate against you.  Some people think that you have to be chipped in order to be tracked and with this technology it’s actually tracking you through your brain scans – much like a fingerprint of your brainwaves.  It’s to control and monitor your thoughts.  Chipping gets into people where they can monitor people and their brain waves and create emotions out of nowhere for people where they will feel as though it’s their own emotions when it’s really their own emotions being played back to them in real time.

Not only are people feeling victimized by hearing voices in their heads but, they’ve also stumbled across information like this that gets them away from thinking that the worlds pills are going to solve any problem at all.  When most times, when you’re given these pills, they make things worse for you and not better.  People may feel as though they can hear voices from their surroundings, but in reality they are being attacked through electromagnetic energies which can cause headaches; heart palpitations and can even mimic the feeling of having a heart attack.  The reason that I’ve discovered they do this is because they actually want you to die, and have a heart attack.  If your mind thinks something that isn’t real, it can certainly make it real.  You might experience muscle spasms or muscle twitching, heartburn or a variety of symptoms caused by neural monitoring and through attacks using electromagnetic energies.  Some people have been known to feel super hot and cold flashes, and even if it’s already hot or cold in your home – you can feel a sensation of heat that makes you feel as though you’re anxiety is stirring you up when it’s really these mind control technologies that are patented by the United States to use on America citizens or anybody for the matter.  You can actually bombard the brain with a neural frequency that corresponds to the EEG tracing of someone with flu like symptoms for an example if they were to upload to you, or remote neural monitor you with these strange frequencies, they can start to attack you through the use of them and ultimately after a while of using these different frequencies on you, it can start to cause you to think a certain way or respond in a way that they are looking for you to respond in.    

The military industrial complex has been all over mind control technologies since day one and they don’t like to talk about it.  Darpa has a sonic projector that was reported on in 2007; we have voice to skull, we got the military using voice to skull technologies, we’ve got the air force working on the Madusa project, we got the state department in 2005 working on implanting voices into peoples heads, we’ve got companies patenting things like hyper-sound, we’ve also got research labs working on hallucinogenic sounds.  So, they’ve been all over this and it’s even been reported before in mainstream news, but nobody still knows about this.

The people who created this technology certainly know about it and some of the people who are being affected or feeling affected by technologies certainly know about these technologies, but still – no one wants to believe that these things are actually happening.  There has been a lot of research done on how to put voices into peoples heads and it’s for reasons we’ll get into later on in this reading.  It was found a long time ago that if you can put voices into peoples heads – that you can do several things.  For an example if someone were to force a foreign voice into your head, that becomes harassment and with that kind of harassment happening you will display signs of schizophrenia and other known mental diagnosis, and when a person goes to someone saying that they’ve been hearing voices in their heads, we’ve got a turn-key system in place that right away links these things with schizophrenia and other mental health conditions and not even look to see if there is a legitimate source for the voices.  On the other hand if someone were to put a voice in your head and it was your own voice, what they can do is pattern a thought process like hearing your own voice while reading.  And, while doing this they can manipulate a reaction from you or get people to act in a certain way and is why people believe they are using these technologies as a form of civilian control.

Voice of God weapons are now being used to attack certain people and ethnic groups like Muslims where they actually try program people neurally to act in a certain way.  What they did was use the voice of God technology or S-Quad in desert storm where you see 15,000 Muslims put down their guns and surrender as they were being neurally programmed with a voice from Allah – telling them to put down their guns and surrender.

The fact is that guns and taxes won’t control everybody, and the idea is that voice to skull technologies will.  There has been reports of inmates in prisons where they were locked into solitary confinement and said to have been attacked with some sort of mind control technology devices that would place thoughts in their minds and also give answers back.  It sounds far fetched I know, but sadly I believe these things are happening.  The scary part about these technologies are that it’s design is to make only the target hear and not anyone else.  In 1996 they talked about their addendum to the biological affects of non-lethal weapons where they talk about the auditory affect.  They’ve even said, imagine the enemies combatant where the enemies begin to hear voices in their own heads.  They now claim as well to have the ability to talk someone to death.

The bad news is that once a person comes forward to tell their physicians or their workplace that they are hearing voices in their heads, it automatically deems these people as schizophrenics or delusional until it can be proven otherwise.  The sad part of that fact is that these physicians aren’t being taught that these microwave energies are being used, and in that they are treating people for mental illness when the technologies that are being used are being utilized to mimic mental illnesses.    

Mind control in the old days involved drugs chemistry and torture, and this actually continued into the 1960’s and 70’s, but once we get into the 80’s and early 90’s the mind control was developed through satellite transmission so that you didn’t have to be taken to a specific location to be controlled.  You can be mind controlled while you’re eating your lunch or sleeping or going through most any daily activity.  We have to thank the Germans for introducing people into fractured minds through torture, where they’ve developed what is called psychic-driving where they bring a person through extremes.  It could be days or hours of being placed in extreme heat and then being placed in extreme cold.  You can give them starvation for several days or you can over-feed them, they can make you sleep for days or make you stay awake for days and get sleep deprived.  This is called fracture where the mind doesn’t know what to expect.  Then these Nazi techniques were brought into Canada in the late 1940’s and after the war the United States knew this well as project Paperclip where they would bring top Nazi scientists and psychotherapists and things like that into the United States; Canada, the UK and even to the Soviet Union where they would continue their experiments and dodge the Nuremberg Trials you can read up on here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuremberg_trials and they started clinics in Montreal and Ottawa and Toronto and they enhanced this psychic-driving out in mental institutions where they would place their subjects into a room where they would have a board split between their eyes and they would have things like let you see a beautiful scenery on one side and let you watch the death of an animal being ripped apart through another eye, and they would play classical music in one ear and really loud heavy music in the other ear and they would switch these things around to where the mind wouldn’t know what to expect.  The initial brain patterns would be to attack the right and left sides of the brain hemispheres where they want to create different brain patterns and different personality traits.   

Like the question with Guantanamo Bay where they were interrogating terrorists in a way where if they were able to read brain patterns and see the people react in a certain way, they could then utilize their enhanced tactics to control a person and to make people react in different ways.  At the top of the psychiatric community they know that this technology exists because the early studies of mind control and MK ULTRA and things like BLUEBIRD, where they are all thought up by psychiatrists.  Many of these psychiatrists were high ranking in their field.  Now, the psychiatrist in your own home-town, are they going to know about these things?  Probably not.  Most of these psychiatrists that I’ve talked to don’t believe that MK ULTRA or things like that ever happened, or ever existed.  What I’ve been told personally is that you can’t buy into everything that you see or hear about online – but, my question then is when it’s so pertinent to the facts that are going around my life, and other peoples lives – I fear that they are going to keep utilizing their technologies on people and to profound lengths to get people to buy into their drugs and pills as if they are something that is going to help them.

It’s not taught in their schools where they go to, teaching them about the mind control technologies that  ultimately brings people into their offices looking for help from a psychiatrist.  It would be like letting a people know about some of the most horrendous crimes against humanity and they aren’t just going to teach you how they are getting away with their crimes right in school.  So, people are unaware of the extent of mind control these days because they aren’t taught it this way in school, and are not told about these technologies that are actually helping keep their jobs.    

It’s pertinent to know that some people who hear voices don’t actually have something wrong with them mentally when they could be victims of this crime of voice to skull technologies and this is where we need to do a better job at educating them – because their schools simply aren’t going to teach them how they are getting away with crimes over humanity.  The trick is that when you talk about these things, and you fear these things – you’re heading straight for a mental health evaluation as well and a mental health diagnosis where they can give you drugs and suck your mind right out of you from being able to think clearly or critically about the things that matter most to you.  

“Civilian and military units shall be trained in containment in combat of classified including a radiated classified with a possibility of classified air-born classified flesh eating classified and/or all of thee above in such event as classified spewing and/or classified escape.”  -Rep John Haller So here we have a representative talking about all this that is classified for us, but what you hear in the segments of what isn’t classified is enough to terrify the average individual with a brain."    

Patent # US 6011991 A is the patent for Communication system and method including brain wave analysis and/or use of brain activity.  You can find this information at:  https://www.google.com/patents/US6011991 and googling the US Patent numbers.  The fact is that these people want this technology in place because they are people with a lot of power and a lot of money that simply don’t care about people as people, but care to treat these people as test subjects.  Basically, if you’re alive today – you are available for experimentation done by the state, the system in place and it could be very scary to study, but even scarier not to study.

People automatically think that there isn’t a way to achieve this objective of mind control and it’s not out of their reach.  Especially when they started using alpha-waves and microwave energies it turns out that the brain is very easy to manipulate.  They fist implemented these things so they could see when a pilot was about to fall asleep so they can wake them up, but now they are using these technologies in criminal ways where it was just the other day Toyota was mentioning that people are going to one day be able to start their cars with a brainwave.  They’ve come out with a toy where you can control a ball using your mind, and it’s actually using alpha-waves to controlling a ball remotely.   

The technology is really not all that far fetched with the recent Snowden release, what all of us already knew that they were listening in and recording our conversations.  Our whole lives to some level are being watched and monitored, and they are using this to target libertarians and conservatives to arrest them because they are authoritarians.  The only things these people care about is controlling you, because they’ve got all their tight-knit money in their make shift banks and don’t want anyone to come in and sabotage their plans for total world domination.    

If you look back on the earlier stages of these technologies, it all started with MK ULTRA and targeting individuals.  The CIA comes up with these groups as their front to test this type of technology on a society.  They’ve been able to control people, and now they are just working on controlling the whole world.  They’ve been trying to mainstream mental illness now for a long time now and we’ve all seen those commercials for all those anti-depressants and anti-anxiety pills where they make it sound like it’s okay to be on these medications and that it’s okay if you’re feeling depressed and they make you feel as though by taking these things that there is nothing really wrong with you and that life goes on as it should when you take them.  But, this is contrary to other perspectives because it is simply not true.    

Once you’re diagnosed for voicing your complaints – your life really starts to spiral out of control because your employer doesn’t usually want to keep you hired on if you seem to be mentally dysfunctional or have been diagnosed with a mental health issue, your family and friends will treat you differently and you can feel pretty much ostracized after that, and it just adds to the problem where you feel you are a victim, and no one else believes you.  Which tends to lead people into behaviors that even make you look more crazy as you try to convince everyone around you that it really is happening.  So, it becomes a vicious cycle and once you reach that point in life – it’s pretty hard to get that life back.  Not to mention that most times when people are placed on these medications you get them through state aid, and when you don’t have state aid anymore – you can’t now get the medications they’ve gotten you addicted to because that’s another side of the medications that it creates is addiction.  

It’s to make any ordinary addiction just become that much more addicting.  People tend to lead their lives in a way where nothing affects them as much, so people tend to go down that spiral and end up doing things they regret even more so, then before taking their medications in the fist place.  When you are able to get medications – it’s fine, but once you are feeling as though you’re a guinea pig and just treated like one too, you begin to see that all you are is money to these people and how they get paid is crazy.  The state pays them to use their money to get you on medications that they pay for, that they just want you on as a guise to help you.  But, what they aren’t telling you is that you’re killing your immune systems by taking these medications and most likely aren't helping you get better health.  More often then not, a lot of these patients end up killing themselves because of the stress in just trying to do what everyone else tells them is right - even where they feel it's wrong.    

“One could develop a system that could seriously impair brain performance of very large populations in select regions over an extended period of time.” - JF MacDonald

The CIA’s experiment in mind control technology became well known as MK ULTRA.   

It was designed to see whether through different techniques people could be made to do things which they wouldn’t normally do.  During the 1960’s and 1970’s a Dr. studied the ELF patterns of the brain.  What was discovered was shocking.    

A 6.6 ELF wave could cause depression.  A 7.83 hertz ELF wave could make a person feel good creating an altered state of mind and a 10.80 hertz ELF could trigger riotous behavior.

You can take people out to where there is very little magnetic pollution and they are still hearing voices and are still feeling attacked and we’ve studied people going from one country to another where they get attacked on the plane.  They’ve taken people out on boats into the middle of the gulf of Mexico and they still hear voices in a manner where they feel attacked.  That part of it makes me believe that a lot of it is satellite based.  And, I’ve heard stories of people trying to get away from hearing the voices, but move and end up moving where another group of individuals will continue out the stalking and gang-stalking so they don’t get away from the attacks.  It might stop for a short while, but they never get away from the attacks they feel is triggering them into situations where they feel neurally monitored to do things in such a way where they wouldn’t normally do.  The technology is meant to control you and it’s happening globally to people where it happens here and there and just doesn’t happen to everyone all at once.  But, virtually people are coming forward with the same complaints about these issues and the people who feel that it has happened to them feel very strongly about it in regards to how they feel as though they were out of control and based on being neurally monitored and/or programmed.    

You’re supposed to trust your television and believe that terrorists are out to kill you, and the government can save you.  If you trust my words here you will know that the police are here to protect you and the military are going to wars to protect you, we are here to protect you.  Conspiracy theorists are dangerous and should not be listened to.  They are insane and dangerous to trust.  Be fearful because you are small and weak and the government is strong and not afraid.  We will look out for you, just obey and follow orders.  Do not challenge authority or the status quo because you are bad, and humans are bad.  You must be willing to work, and to work hard on getting what you want in life.  In order to survive you must have more money, and you must be better then him or her.  You’re separate and alone while other people want to hurt you and take what is yours.  You must always respect authority.   Sound familiar?   

Cheryl Welsh maintains that the United States government is testing mind control on unknowing victims and that they’ve been testing electromagnetic energies on people world-wide and that the technology is highly classified information.  She and others believe that they are test subjects for this mind control research.  Many of the victims of this claim to have illnesses, chronic illnesses, headaches, and general sleep disturbances, and even sunburns even though it’s at night-time.    

Microwaves and other unknown frequencies are well known to affect the human body and trigger emotions or stigma, but could they also be responsible for people hearing voices in their heads on a massive scale?  People can hear microwaves if they are of good hearing and can hear them at a very low frequency.  They’ve developed a technology called synthetic telepathy and aim their microwaves at a person and get your mind to be like an antenna for their voices, which feel like ghosts inside of you.  They’ve targeted individuals for experimentation.

The brain microwaves they send are meant to heat up the brain very slowly causing the pressure in or around your head to be picked up by pressures in the inner ear.  The brain is in fact an electrical organ and is susceptible to electronic signals and with all of this said they have created things that can see through your walls and spy on you in ways that you might never know about – but they are now implementing all of these technologies and unleashing them onto the population and it’s all being done for control.  What Robert Duncan said is that they aren't just manipulating people these days, but they are torturing these people right in their own homes, or at work or wherever they are in their daily life.  The vibration is a slow vibration in the inner ear that makes a humming noise in the inner ear.  It's meant to make you feel that you are having all of these symptoms on your own.

We have satellites placed up in the atmosphere and they are using these satellites for mind control technologies and to control the population.  Think about the television for an example – they use all sorts of regular programming for people to see and believe in whatever the television tells them to believe, and for the most part the people suck it up as if its Bible when these people aren't trying to give you any truth.  Truth is the only thing these people get wrong.  We're dealing with a technology where we as people can no longer trust our senses.  You can't trust everything your eyes see, or your ears hear or what you believe to be true or false.      

HAARP is made up of 180 antennas, each as tall as a 7 story building.  The antennas emit extremely low frequency waves of energy into the upper atmosphere, and what you get is a pulsing into the ionosphere and when you get these pulses going on into the ionosphere and when it begins to pulse back from a direct current to an alternating current sending back to the earth in the ELFor extremely low frequency range of 1 – 20 hertz and those same frequencies happen to correlate with modern day brain frequencies of human beings.

Ever heard of a place called the False Memory Foundation?  It's a foundation that's made of of mostly researchers and psychiatrists that claim there technologies that people are complaining about that are giving them false memories, they say is all being intentionally planted into peoples brains through the psychotherapists and not through experimentation.  You can read for yourself here: http://educate-yourself.org/mc/falsememoryhoax1996.shtml

The work in the 1970's they were talking about being able to modulate a signal into the ionosphere  that when it was to return to earth that they would couple with your own natural brain functionality to change the emotional state of a large geographical area.   So does HAARP mimic what they've been working on as the days of mass mind control arrives.    

You don't like smokers, and you don't like anyone telling you anything bad about your government because these people are said to be dangerous.  Take your vaccinations or get swine flue.  People are not to be trusted.  We care.  You must but our products.  Pay your taxes and watch the television.  Do not question authority or research on your own.  You can trust your government.  They want to help people do better.  Keep fighting with each other.  Violence in movies is sexy and stunning.  Sex with strangers behind your partners back is exciting.  Your partner is boring.  Your partner is cheating on you.  Your partner doesn't even like you.  They don't even love you.  You are worthless and not worthy of being loved at all.  These are the thoughts they want you to think.    

What they are working on is the total submission to them by using their technologies, and it's to get you to act as though they want you to act.  They want you to behave and never ask questions of their doing, because they don't want you to see for yourselves what a fraud it really is.  Take your pills, and consume what we give you or else you aren't going to be successful in life.  Your love life with fail you and your family will leave you.  You just aren't worth being loved unless you're willing to listen to authority and not speak out of turn.  Nevertheless, they don't want you to speak at all rather speak for you.  They want to trick you and get you to be their slaves.  They don't want you to do anything better for people then they feel they can do themselves.  And, they aren't doing anything good with their technologies.  They could use them to help people and not to harm people, but instead they are using these technologies to destroy us, or get us to destroy ourselves.  They front that they care – but they are the most devious of all.  The systems that be are detrimental to humanity as a whole and our health as a whole.    

A cold war publication from the soviet union warned about being close to a tactical radio-wave technology weapon that was used to kill goats at a 1 kilometer range for example.    

“Under normal circumstances the human mind is under operation of a core personality.  And the core personality would act in an in tactful manner during what is normal daily life activities.  However, when traumatic experiences or extremes are introduced simultaneously the mind cannot handle the overload of input, so the persons part of the mind begins to disassociate itself with what you are going through so the mind doesn't have to experience the trauma that is being inflicted upon you.  So the mind starts to compartmentalize so a portion of the mind will handle what's being done to them while another portion of the mind is distracting from the consciousness of the traumatic experience.  This is done to people where a portion of the mind will leave the body so the person doesn't have to experience the trauma to that same degree.  Part of the mind will handle the experiences while another part of the mind shuts off or is distracted from the consciousness or the personality you would otherwise have due to this traumatic experience.  And, when this is done repetitively, then both the awareness and the distraction start to fracture or compartmentalize because it can't handle the overload.”  These words are taken from Stewart Swerdlow in a documentary that I will leave a link to in the bottom of this page.   

If our thoughts are the film and the brain is a projector as an analogy our physical reality is the screen.  So, if you don't like the movie, you change the film which is the way that you think.  However, the film in the mind can be replaced with artificial intelligence through this programming process.  And this is what the Illuminati and the powers that be do in order to download certain software's into the mind so that certain functions of the mind are accessible.

The difference between mind control and programming is just how it sounds.  Programming is the software that is uploaded with all the functions of the brain, and mind control is the operation of using that programming to inflict whatever they wish to inflict upon you.  This is also different from brainwashing, because brainwashing happens everyday.  School or parents can brainwash you, or indoctrination can brainwash you, religion can brainwash you because it's just repeating something over and over again and again until you believe it.  But, the programming of mind control is an embedded program that actually hooks onto your core foundation mind patterns making you think that it's your own thoughts when in reality they are trying to mimic your mind to make you feel as though it is your own mind thinking these thoughts when in reality it's programming.  Much like repeated news on the television.  After seeing things over and over, and hearing people tell you what to believe, you're going to be thinking of those things as you go through life and believing what these people are telling you to be truth, even though it could be a lie, or a falsehood of a sorts, or could be complete mind control over you to pressure you to being a certain way, or doing things a certain way.  It's to get you thinking that these are your own thoughts when in reality they are being artificially introduced to you.    

We never once used to think that we were going to have to rely on medications to make us feel good, or to help with things like depression or manic behaviors but, these things are being introduced to us at a time in our life where there is a lot of traumatic experiences to circumvent or figure out.  The war has to be played out in the mind because that's where the war is these days.  The war is a war for your mind and to keep you from your own natural thoughts.

They've used this technology in war where they are able to transmit phrases into the minds of their enemies before attack.  How does this happen you might ask?  It's by burying these kinds of thoughts into microwaves and sending them out abroad beaming them into a persons head.  The Air-force denies its working on these technologies but patent #6470214 issued on October 22nd 2002 states otherwise.  The patent type is a “Method and device for implementing radio-frequency hearing affect.”  You can read this patent for yourselves at:  https://www.google.com/patents/US6470214 or also look on http://beforeitsnews.com/politics/2015/07/us-patents-on-mind-control-weaposn-2730120.html to see more news on mind control technologies if you don't believe me.  These things are being used and peoples lives are being over-turned.   

The agenda through all of this is to create a society that is robotic, very similar to what you see on the Borg or Star Trek, where you report to a computer and you don't deviate from your functions, and there is no individual thinking to do on your own otherwise.  This is the culture of the Illuminati and these occultists where they don't want you – the people – to deviate from their plans.  The plans are centuries old and have been being run by crime families and secret societies for all of our lives.

I believe its time now that America and people from all over the world become more aware of what is going on, many thousands of victims that have been used with mind control experimentation, and operatives that have been used by these technologies for a long time now.  Some of which are completely unaware of the things that are causing them to behave differently then they feel they otherwise would.  This is the triggering mind where the future is outlining a way to peak into our own thoughts and into our own brains functionalities in such a way that is torture and breaking privacy laws in order to do so.  They don't want you to be aware that they are using this technology on you so that you aren't able to stop yourselves from an outside source that would cause you to become someone that you feel you aren't, or to act out in a way where you feel that you shouldn't have, but couldn't stop it from happening because of the extenuating circumstances that these technologies can impose on a person or a wide area of people.  There might be enough reason here to be concerned when we are talking about things like mind control or targeting individuals based on their ability to do without their medications or their ways they tell you that you ought to be if you want to be successful in life.  The fact is that if you aren't willing to follow in the footsteps they want you to follow – they are going to come in and inflict more pain and more trauma over you and your situations to hopefully get you to beg for their help.  And, their help isn't helpful at all – it's just to take the natural person our of the body and replace it with this artificial personality.    

Electronic harassment as a whole with this surveillance turns a person like myself into a walking talking piece of surveillance equipment.  It has the ability to see through your eyes in real-time to know what you're looking at, and has the ability to hear through your ears everything that's said.  People don't like the idea of talking about too many important things on the phone anymore and people have definitely made up ways to work around being able to speak openly over the phone, so now instead of just using our equipment for their mind control, they want to implant chips in you, and when you won't take their chips they want to beam your brain and upload their software into your mind to get you to think however they want you to think.  Remember they want everyone working around the clock in their favor, so they need everyone from Oprah to the janitor worker because they need everything to seem as though everyone has that same chance in life even though we all know that's not true.  There are lots of things that people can and will do that pose threats to people and cause them to not be able to be as they otherwise could be.  People aren't as strong as they could be, and people aren't as caring as they could be.  There are lots of things that people could be today that we simply aren't because we're told to have more fear of each other then love.  And, love is the biggest threat to the existence of this mind control slavery that is going on today.

What they are working on is simulating everything from your passions to your dreams and desires.  They don't want you to have all those things that you want or need so instead of actually allowing people to have them, they want to simulate them in your life instead.  You can't have love, but you can watch it on television.  You can't find anyone to represent you in your case but you can watch it on television and see other people getting liberty through movies and other screen plays.  You can want whatever you want, but you can't have it... and instead of having those things, they want to simulate those things so you can watch them all day long.  It makes you feel as though if you ever needed that help that there is going to be someone around the corner willing to listen to your story and take you into account in the fashion where your dreams and goals matter.  But, they don't matter to them.  The only thing that they want is your time, energy and your money.  They don't need you working on anything for yourselves, rather working on something that they wanted you to work on for them.  They want you to feel like you have a choice in the elections as well when you really don't.  It's just another thing set up to divide us as people and get people to become animals when dealing with each other – rather then dealing with each other in an appropriate manner, they want to deal with you in a very inappropriate manner.

The Illuminati wish to compartmentalize these people into categories.  Who's going to go along with their agenda and who isn't going to go along with their agenda.  They want to know all those things because they need to make sure that no one is getting out of line with their order and it's essentially slavery today.  They want people to have what is known as a hive mind – or to be the queen bee so to speak where you are giving the orders and you are telling it to people as they would.  Get you to sit down, shut up and obey – even if what you are obeying is actually hurting you in your abilities – they don't care.  They just want control and want the people to follow out and carry out their same controls.  They want you to be okay with people being treated like shit and not getting any liberty because liberty is morality plus justice – and we aren't supposed to see much of that these days because they aren't trying to give people the right to live, or the right to travel or the right to exercise freedoms of speech.  They just want people falling into their little pegs in life, and to not try doing anything differently about how you are feeling.  If you're feeling abused which you probably are; you should want to stand up for what is right, and to do something about it – but, you see – they don't want that.  They don't need people feeling for themselves or thinking for themselves, they need people trapped into their state of mind where they feel they can't get out of this or that reality.  And, it's got to be possible, because otherwise I wouldn't be willing to speak on the matter so much.  I feel it's important to have your own mind and be able to use it any way you wish so long as it doesn't infringe on the rights of another.  And, where they act – this is all they do.  They infringe upon your rights, and give you something else.  You in other words have no rights, unless you are doing what you are supposed to do, and behave accordingly to their plans.

Armies and weapons aren't enough to gain control of the populations so the plan is to overwhelm that small minority because when you think of the kinds of people that run these operations, we're only talking about a few hundred thousand people as opposed to billions of people.  So it's a smaller number of people then you might think running these mind control technologies and it's all implemented for depopulation.   

“So are we going to roll this back or are we going to wait until things have gotten so extreme that there is so much infrastructure in place that drawing a line in the sand will be a serious challenge.  You know if you read George Orwells book “1984,” the agenda wasn't trying to control the whole population or monitoring the whole of a population because most of the population will sit there and stew anyways and we're no problem to this control grid.  But, what this surveillance is targeting now is people who are challenging the system and challenging the status quo.  It's to attack the people who are waking up and who are aware of what's going on who has the guts to try doing something about it.” - Some words taken from David Icke    

Billions of people on earth are living in ignorance.  Before your very eyes, politicians are advancing a global plan to take over a conquer Europe.  The New World Order is about the centralization of power and silencing anyone that speaks out against their plans.  Since the time of Napoleon secret societies have been polishing their idea to take over and conquer Europe.  And, now in the 21st century their work is coming into fruition.  It's about commercializing everything and selling everything as a product.    

“What we're witnessing is the destruction of a world-wide dictatorship – but, to get it done, they've got to manipulate us into going along with it.  They are confident that you won't wake up until it's too late.  The good news is that people are waking up in record numbers and the question is; is that now that you understand the inner workings of this New World Order, are you going to be silent about it, or are you going to help us try to wake the others up?  Will you stand up and fight this tyranny of the elite?  The globalists have America and Europe in their grasps today – but tomorrow they want the world.”  -some words taken from Alex Jones.

“What HAARP is doing is creating a shield over the ionosphere and trying to create weather manipulation so that we think there are such things like global warming when in fact it's just a manipulation of our weather and geological advancements as well.  I believe they have achieved their goal because right now 100% of the earths population is affected by scalar waves that are transmitted through the air by satellites that are in space that are completely ringing around earth that are enhanced by ground antennas that we see as cell tower mind control technology that microwave transmissions so that at any moment they can control a mind control in specific areas of the earth and to specific people.  Also what is happening is chem-trails are circling around the earth that shield their radio wiring so that it's much like a grid that covers the earth and they can pin-point very specific locations now and transmit whatever they wish to create.”

If people think that it's bad now – things are prepared to get a whole lot worse for humanity.  There are people coming forward from all over the world about these issues and this is a world-wide problem because they want to have control of the whole damn world.

In Johnson Valley a Freedom house opened to people who feel they're being attacked by mind control technologies .  It's call the Freedom house, exclaiming the freedom from covert harassment and surveillance.  This can be found at:  www.freedomfchs.net and is a site that isn't allowing me to get onto as I don't have sufficient privileges to view the site.  But, it's about your freedom and safety from covert attacks and for people that believe they have the right to be left alone.  They want you to know that there is hope and that you aren't alone – that they are striving to find legislation to end covert harassment and they are really after freedom for everyone.    

Rogue government officials are playing mind games with the population.  Also corrupt business officials are willing to pervert the character of a good business practice who are also behind these attacks.  And, there are also private citizens who are also a part of the covert plans to attack you where it counts and that is by using frequencies to change or modify your behaviors.

“I hope that people wake up and realize that things are not the way that they should be, or could be, and that people need to take control of their own minds.  Don't believe in physical revolution or physical violence because that doesn't solve anything.  The war has to be in the mind.  You have to take control of your own brain and your own mind pattern and emotions and do release work that will undermine the patterns of the mind control programming and then release what is hooked onto those mind patterns.  Access your core personality and reintegrate your perception of who and what you are.  Sew those compartmentalized pieces of the mind back together so that you can think clearly and so that we can have the kind of society that I believe we are supposed to have. Why does this happen?  It is because we project outwardly in our world what we project inwardly in our mind patterns and the world  reflects it back.  Humanity as a species has a victimization mind-pattern and when you have this kind of mind-pattern you attract the victimization of the oppressors.  So what we see, is that we have to really take control of our own mind patterns so that we can differentiate between the two different areas of the mind where we can realize who and what we are, and we can throw away and discard the things that we are not.  If we change the way we think and change the film and project something else then they will have no power over us.  It could happen tomorrow if everyone were to wake up and do it, but is it likely?  No.  But will it eventually happen?  I believe so.  I believe at some point humanity will be backed into a corner and we'll say, you know what – we've had enough and we're going to do something about this.” - words taken from Stewart Swerdlow

They want you to think that you aren't connected to God, and that can never be.  You are here and you were created by Him, so the two can never split because God created your mind, so He can also show you how your mind is much more creative and much more vibrant then this life is willing to allow you to be.  The actuality is that you can never be disconnected from creator, and it is my hope to teach people to take that part of them, the creative person and extract that part out from the people who I see are walking around feeling defeated by the circumstances they are faced with.  Whatever you're facing, you have more potential to turn around then you might think and sometime things I believe happen in a way to get you into that place where you are going to be allowed to prove to your world exactly who you really are.  You're that caring person, or you're that beautiful person that you've always imagined you were, just these things are stopping you from becoming or even wanting to become something better.  The world is easy to see in defeat and easier to see how these emotions have been psychologically programmed into you, so that you can expect the outcomes that some of us end up with.    

I teach people how to be a human being again and to know that they were made of a loving God that made you in His image.  So that quality of life sits inside of all of us willing to take it to that next level and not take no for an answer.  In other words you don't stop becoming that person that you want to become no matter who that person is, because this world is trying desperately to take that God mind away from you and to make you feel as though there is no God.  This is far from the truth.  God is real.  God is just as real as that pain that sits deep inside of a people when they see something going on that they really don't agree with or like, and there is nothing that seems they can do about it.  I'm trying to tell people that there is, and teach them that there is capabilities within all of us that I just don't think we fully understand how to use.  And, if we can channel those capabilities with our understanding that you cannot separate yourselves from God, and these things cannot separate you from your creator – only stir you into thinking otherwise when you don't have to think what they want you to think.  You don't have to behave in a way they need you to behave so they can inflict more pain and trauma onto a person, but behave in a way where you are channeling those emotions and things for yourselves.    




Nice article. F.Y.I when mentioning the ELF frequencies and how they can effect the mind. 7.83 Hertz is known as the Schumann Resonance and is actually the frequency the earth resonates at. There are quite a few experiments were people were shown that without that frequency they become depressed and lethargic. This is not some hocus pocus. It is not that expensive to build your own E.E.G machine and measure your own brainwaves with your computer and see what frequencies it operates at and with doing various activities.

Right on! I've heard that before from somewhere - I didn't remember that though. The earths soil is a natural depression medication, just to put your hands into the earths soil and work with the dirt. That could be a part of that reason! You're awesome cyber-punk - I love yuh! Happy New Year!

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