Who Was The 1 Millionth SteemIt Account?! {UPDATE!}

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Thanks to the nice detective work of @hempress she posted that the 1 Millionth user is... @xmlvnx check her great post out here...

1 hour ago, the Millionth account on Steemit was created

Shouldn’t we shower the 1 millionth account with confetti and some sort of ...

Congratulations You’re The 1 Millionth Steemian!!! 😆


Maybe they don’t even know they’re the 1 millionth!!! Is there a way to figure out who they are? Man, I hope it’s not some weird Bot or scammy account haha!

Well, regardless my curiosity is officially peaked and I want to find out! Would be cool to do something for them, at minimum upvote their intro post haha!

If anyone knows who it was please drop me a line! Thank you! 😊

Peace, Love, and Light


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