I've Just Been Given A Million Dollars - Challenge

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This challenge has been sitting waiting for my response for over a week. High time I got it looked after. @crazybgadventure nominated me on this one.

The challenge is pretty simple, or appears to be. The premise is that I’ve been given 1million dollars and I’m to share what I’d buy in the next 24 hours. The catch is, the purchases can’t be Steem related.

So,a million bucks seems like a lot. But when I think about it in the long term, it really needs to have some management if it’s going to last. I need to have fun but be prudent.

So the five things:

1. A New Vehicle

I don’t like vehicles that I sit down into, so most cars are out. I like a vehicle that I have lots of space to move in behind the steering wheel and a vehicle that I can use to move stuff around if I need to. So, no surprise that I would get myself a pickup. I would likely head toward a Dodge RAM 1500, 4-wheel drive and 4 seater, fitted with a toneau on the box.

2. A Home

I don’t have lavish ideas when it comes to a house. I am conscious of the fact I’m getting older. Well, shit happens sometimes and special needs occur. So, the house would be wheelchair and handicap accessible just in case the unheard of happened.

The house would be open concept bungalow with a large kitchen. It’s not that I spend a lot of time in the kitchen but, when I do, I want room to move around and to work. A breakfast nook by a window is definitely to be part of the kitchen layout. Three bedrooms and a large office in addition to laundry room, living room, bathroom and two car garage would flesh out the rest of the layout. Geo-thermal heating and radiant in-floor heating throughout the house will eliminate the use of carpets.

A patio with a privacy fencing at the back of the house and a wide porch across the front of the house will give me places to be able to sit outside with some protection from the elements and nosey neighbours.

3. Furniture

What’s a home without furnishings? I would have fun finding the furnishings for this new house. I’d need a balance between sparse and too much ‘stuff’. I want a warm home not a cluttered home. Needless to say, among those furnishings will be kick ass computer equipment with multiply monitors, and audio-visual equipment. No comment what I’d use that all for :)

4. Givings

I would be setting aside an amount to have available for benefiting others. That fits with the history of community service that I have. I have a few ideas how the distribution would be. Some of it would definitely go toward projects that give people a hand-up over a hand out.

5. Investments

The balance would go into investments likely a mix of fiat and crypto based. After having bought a nice house and vehicle, they have to be maintained so investing is needed.

Yes, I have a tendency toward the simple and the familiar. I have very little interest in travelling. To me, travelling while it might be interesting is more stress than I really want to engage in. The day might come that I get the urge to go further afield. It’s just not arrived.

Now, five other nominees… Let me see… @artemisnorth, @littlenewthings, @snook, @rhondak, @enchantedspirit

Have fun.

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I LIKE this post @shadowspub ! Just moved house and biz, in a state of total chaos and fatigue and I FEEL you calling me fwd out of that into envisioning what is possible. AWESOME. :) Much gratitude!!

keeping the possible in front of us often helps keep us moving. Especially when we sense chaos around us.

Hey @shadowspub,
I'd like to know exactly HOW MUCH you'll power up your steem account, LOL! ;)

Thanks for your post, I follow you with joy and interest!

well the challenge was pretty specific so .. couldn't talk about anything STEEM

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Ah, I didn't know (nor understood, if written anyware), LOL

Oh yeah, here it is:

The catch is, the purchases can’t be Steem related.

Have a good night!

Very sensible ways to spend the million, I have read stories of people that won a million or ten million on Lotto or the like who go crazy and loose it all within a year, your list seems conservative and sensible

yes there are a lot of stories of people who aren't used to having money going nuts with it and blowing it.

Its sad to read some of the stories could have bene a great help for them but they ended up in a worse state than before they won it

people are funny about money management ... i used to be in bankruptcy and insolvency work... found people would rather discuss their sex lives than their financial affairs

Well thought out responses.....but I'd be curious to know what your very first thought was? LOL! Thanks for tagging me in this "simple" challenge.

well needless to say, my first thought was to put it into STEEM but that wasn't allowed in the challenge so had to go to my second thought. You know, two thoughts in one day is taxing.

thank you @shadowspub . Great list. And yeah I do love traveling myself but I know it can be stressful particularly getting prepared for it and things with the family you have to do before a big long trip. And then during the actual journey dealing with kids and getting sick and missing directions etc..etc.. So I definitely feel you

the day may come that I have the resources to just do a leisurely travel plan where I can stay were I want for as long as I want.

Can I just copy your list? :D thanks for the Tag LOLLL hugs

well then you'd have to be me... and lady.. trust me.. that's scary LOL

HAAAAAAAAAAAA I don't think I could fill those shoes. I will leave the over, over, overachieving to you :D and stick with the list I made loll

overachieving? LMAO that would be the day