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"The Millionaire" was an old TV series airing 1955-1960. In each show, an average every day person would receive a million dollars from an anonymous benefactor. These individuals used the money in what ever way they chose. How their lives changed and any lessons learned is what the show reveals.

"The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America's Wealthy" (1996) was a book written by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko. The results of their research profiling millionaires are summarized in this book. Their findings consistently showed 7 common traits. A second book, "The Millionaire Mind" (2000) describes how people accumulated their wealth.

"The Secret Millionaire" was a reality show. The first show aired December 2008, the last December 2013. The idea originated in the UK. Altogether, there were 17 episodes: UK(10), USA(3), Australia(2), Ireland(2). Each millionaire had to live in a poor neighborhood and live like a poor person. They had to volunteer with several worthy organizations that helped people in the community. Then they had to decide how much of their own money to give away to whichever good cause they chose.

"Thanks a Million" was a newspaper column created by Percy Ross. He wanted to give his wealth away himself instead of leaving it to someone else to do. The idea for the column came at the age of 67 after he sold one of his companies. He split the amount received equally with himself, wife and two sons, then proceeded to give his portion away. The way it worked was people would write in to the column and make financial requests. Mr. Ross would decide who to give to and the amount.

He received so much joy in giving throughout his earlier life. One time he gave 1050 bicycles away to poor children in his area. Another time, he tossed out 16,500 silver dollars from the backseat of a convertible when he was in a parade.

He started his column in 1983 and reached his goal in September 1999. He had been very poor growing up. He had losses as well as successes in his various business schemes. Whatever wealth he ultimately accumulated was all self-made. Before he reached the end of his life(November 10, 2001), he did what made him happiest in life - gave his wealth away.


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