My Rant on the Millenial Left (Language Warning)

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Time to Stop All Sympathizing; The Left Will Never Be a Functioning Part of a Civilized Society

Time to rant.

The rioting at Berkeley finally made me go "Enough is enough". This has been going on for quite a while, and it escalated after Trump's presidency, and has no end in sight. I think reasonable human beings need to stop giving the left the benefit of a doubt and simply realize and admit that these people are violent, crazy and most of all dangerous.

I'm sure all of you know, but the U.C. Berkeley was the home of massive riots due to protests of Milo Yiannopoulos sharing points of view that differ from the left wing view of how the galaxy ought to look like - riots caused about $100,000 in property damage.

And not just property damage, mind you; a video also was circulating on the internet of a girl receiving pepper spray to the eyes, completely unprovoked. She was wearing a red make bitcoin great again cap, which I guess looked too much like a make America great again, and that was deemed a crime worthy of pepper spraying.

Before I go further, take notice of how I say "left wingers", instead of the commonly used "liberals". This is because these people have nothing at all to do with liberalism. Liberalism is, or was, an ideology based on the idea of freedom. The modern left has next to nothing to do with freedom. It has everything to do with conforming to their views and their values and their ideologies of how everything in the world should look like. And if you don't, you're not even a human. If you dare hold a viewpoint that somehow challengers theirs, you are dehumanized to the point where violence towards you is not just accepted, but even encouraged.

This is not liberalism, this is more akin to fascism. See, fascism never went away. It just changed form. These are the same people who would have been fascists back in the day, because the mechanism is exactly the same. The words have been switched around and given new meanings, but the mechanisms have stayed the same.

The Left Owns Western Culture

Our culture, from entertainment to education to media is dominated by the left. I know that everybody thinks that the opposing camp "owns the media", but you can honestly just take a look and see for yourself.

What rules our culture is the strong narrative of the left as the good guys. No matter what they do, how many times they do it, no matter the consequences, they are always fighting for good. For equality, for social justice, for this, that, the other thing. It's always a noble cause.

In their eyes.

But also in the eyes of others.

See, what's important is not just the views within the political sphere, but the opinions of those not into politics.So called right wing ideologies, such as free markets, property rights, traditionalist and conservative values, are always values that you have to apologize for to some degree.

You are viewed as a bad person if you believe in traditional family values. You are viewed as a monster if you question the practicalities of universal health care. You are viewed as a terrible piece of dirt if you value your western culture over more primitive and barbaric cultures.

There's always a strong sense that you need to apologize for being such a shitty human being for holding these specific ideas of how a society will produce the best results.

You never need to apologize for leftist views to the average person.

Yeah, lefists may riot in the streets, leftist ideas may have lead to the impoverishment of societies everywhere, everytime, the left may be inherently violent, but hey, at least the ideas are good.

Fuck. That.

What possible value can these ideas hold?

The Left Never Builds, It Only Tears Down

A wise friend of mine once said that the left never builds, it only tears down. He may have been quoting someone else, but the point still stands.

Think about the left: when have they ever built something new to where there was nothing?

These are people whose emotional growth stumped at the age of five, they take all the comforts and good parts of a society built by men and women before them, but whenever something isn't exactly to their liking, they start throwing legos around and tearing everything apart.

And the men and women who built that society? All the iPads and the iPhones, all the nice high end cafeterias, all the hipster restaurants, everything that these people use and enjoy in their daily lives. The people who built all that?

Scum of the earth!

The left simply leeches off of a society built by others, and then make demands without offering any value in return, and when something is in fact asked for in return, they throw a temper tantrum and start breaking windows and beating people up.

Sometimes while dressed as vaginas, for some reason.

But do they want to live in a world without the builders? No, of course not. They just need to do everything in the left's terms.

I can't be the only one who finds it funny that the left complains about how people are much worse off in poor countries, and how the businesses are ruining the west and business owners are the worse people on the planet, and then when businesses get enough of all the regulations pressured by the socialist left, and actually take their jobs and wealth to a more poor nation, benefiting those who get to work for them and make money, then well that's wrong, too.

See, the businesses do need to stay, and they need to produce all the nice things that the left wing wants, but they just need to shup up with their, like, annoying opinions, you know, and like, uhmm, you know, pay, like more money, and stuff.

It's not like the left genuinely gives a fuck about kids in poor countries. It's just a good excuse to use when it's really all about you.

When Left Wing Met Millenialism

The left has always been problematic. The more I've read history, the more clear it's become that the left is a movement for children. It doesn't matter whether the child is five years old, 25 years old, or 50 years old. An adult can easily see the flaws in leftist ideas, and will eventually leave the movement, even if he or she was a member at some point.

The problems we're facing now are a result of the most entitled, laziest, helpless, inept and delusional generation in history meeting an ideology tailor made for them.

It's ironic that the reason behind the "millenialism" syndrome is that western society has become too comfortable, thanks to those who built it before us, and it's the overabundance, and people having too much time on their hands that has made an entire generation hate those who offer them the luxuries.

Everybody has the right to this and that, but when you bring up duties and responsibilities, you're looking at an empty room.

The left demands respect, but respects no one; they demand value, but refuse to produce it; they demand that you listen to them, but they shut you up when you try to speak; they call it violence when they need to work for a living, but they will attack you if you disagree.

The left claims everyone is equal, but the right to equality can only be purchased by agreeing with them.

Forget Corporate Marketing, What's Really Impressive is Leftist Marketing

When the millenial generation of the left wing claims to be "liberal", what they really mean is "free from responsibility". To them, freedom means freedom from the oppression of being a responsible adult.

Whenever it takes work to accomplish something, it's oppression. It's structural violence. Or it's privilege, or whatever the buzzword of the day is.

But there's a big reason behind them opting to use the word "liberal". A "liberal" represents everything that is good in the world. Slavery is bad. Being not free is bad. Freedom is good. We all want to be free. Freedom is the opposite of slavery, and no one wants to be a slave, so it's natural for people to gravitate towards a movement called "liberalism". And the opposite of liberalism is easy to see as an evil force.

They oppose freedom, they must be bad.

The big problem with the left is that it really is marketed so damn well. The huzzy buzzy image of the left as a movement that brings people together and brings equality and opportunity and peace and blah blah blah to everybody, and all people end up holding hands is just so strong that people get uneasy opposing it.

This is why what I said earlier about people needing to apologize for not being a leftist comes from. You are basically a person who is against puppy dogs. And there's no doubt you come from a place of great evil.

I find it funny how people on the left are extremely anti-religion - though it really means anti-Christianity - yet they behave exactly like a religious movement. As an atheist myself, I have detected this for a long time. Their idea of perfect equality is no less a superstition than those of thee Christians they mock.

I surmised at a pretty young age that while religions can potentially be a problem - depending on a number of factors - they are not the problem in and of themselves. I claim that religions are just one form of a certain behavior than can manifest itself in different ways - and one of those ways is modern left wing thought.

Just like people believed the marketing of the Bible and Quran back in the day, millenials now believe what their progressive authorities tell them. They don't wear a priest's collar, but what they do remains the same.

Now we are the modern atheists - those of us that are not buying into this horseshit. Those of us that want the violence to stop. Those of us that see this movement as the threat that it is. Those of us that don't buy into the marketing of left wing ideas.

Those of us that actually use our fucking brains every now and again, have some goddamn backbone, honour, and oh, manners. Just, you know. Basic manners. They seem scarce nowadays.

Those of us not willing to resort to violence to solve problems.

In Conclusion

Say what you want to about Trump, and no, I'm not a believer in the political process myself, but the one thing I've told people ever since he was elected: look at how his detractors acted.

Look at all the chaos, the violence and victims that they have left behind.

These are the actions of the people not wanting Trump in power.

How scary would it be that someone they are in favor of was in power?

But you don't even have to take Trump's side. You just need to take a stand and say enough is fucking enough with the fucking violence.

No, life is not always fair. It's never fucking fair. And this is coming from someone who is doing pretty good right now, but has thrown up that yellow liquid that you throw up when you're really hungry and feel sick. That happened because I was so out of money and had none coming in and I was simply out of food for a long time. A result of a number of things, including my own stupid decisions.

I was willing to work, though, but you know what stopped that? Unions that have decided, for me, that it was illegal for me to work under the types of terms that would have gotten me a job. And money. For food.

It was socialist regulations that stepped in when all I wanted was to get a damn job.

I still didn't throw stones at car windows, or attack other people because my life was unfair. I didn't even blame other people, even though there was certainly a valid reason for that, because it's a goddamn waste of fucking time, and not productive.

What's productive is doing something. Not waiting for someone else to do it for you. Not expecting a damn politician to do it for you. Not expecting the government to hand it out for you. Those do nothing but waste time. It never produces anything.

You know who expect other people to do stuff for them? Kids. But we can't all be kids into our twenties and thirties, expecting our parents to wipe our ass at every turn.

I don't know how it's all come to this, but it has to stop.

The millenial left has to be treated as the loons they are. They are not to be given legitimacy, they are not to be taken seriously. They are not to be given the time of day with their childish, immature, violent, dangerous, harmful antics that serve no one and produce nothing valuable.

Whether or not you're a Trump supporter, you don't fucking condone someone pepper spraying another human being in the eye unprovoked.

That's not how a civilized human being acts, and a civilized human being does not accept that.

Rant over, but still pissed.

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Upvoted and resteemed. I enjoy getting in the face of prominent morons like the Mayor of Berkeley (@JesseArreguin), Senator ChuckYou (@SenSchumer), Botox Barbie (@nancypelosi), Flatulent gasbag Michael Moore (@MMFlint), and Hollywood hasbeens @Cher and @Madonna. I entertain myself challenging these Marxist assholes and their useful idiots on Twitter and Gab. Americans really need to wake up and smell the sewers.

Why dont you label them rioters, rather than leftists? Antinationalists socialists? Anazis? I dont know. I think left is loaded as a positive word and fails to capture the quality of the tactics.


Good point.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) they are an offshoot of feminism.

Feminism works because men care for women, but women do not care for men (they may care for a man). 90% of workplace deaths are men, 4 out of 5 homeless are men, 75% of suicides are men... And what do women feel when they encounter these facts? They turn it around on men.

Women have always been the primary victims of war. - Hitlerly Clinton.

So, you have a group of privileged kids who get away with basically murder, because it pleases the elites agenda, the MSM paints them as the heroes, and the cops are called off somewhere else.


Indeed. Feminism has developed like a virus attacking its host. Women are no longer aligned with their ACTUAL feminine strengths/gifts/abilities and are vehemently destroying the men who would otherwise empower and protect them toward this end; resulting in the betterment of the family unit, community, AND overall national strength. Real Women would do well to wake up and re-empower positive masculinity rather than continue to engage in these psy-ops which [clearly] serve to further divide and conquer humanity to further enslave us all.

You are dead-on in connecting these problems. How much of the blatant hypocrisy and DOMESTIC TERRORISM (that's what it is. Call it.) of these Millennial Left children (which many of them still are, as the human brain isn't even fully developed until age 25) is caused by having zero-percent influence of family values and actual morality because they were raised instead on State-sanctioned "education", fed toxic GMO cattle food, injected with insane amounts of poison, drank and brushed with fluoride, sprayed with chem trails, and inundated with EMI and subversive/divisive propaganda? All of this has replaced the influence of a healthy family unit (regardless of race or cultural heritage). What else COULD we have now except a horde of zombie youth that have no concept of how words SHOULD align with actions, and how there IS such a thing as objective reality and that cause and effect ARE directly and proportionately related (regardless of how you and your "safe space" feel about it)??

Women have been nothing less than weaponized as agents of destruction toward both men and children in this regard. We became so when we believed the lie that our work was unimportant because it didn't bring in money. ALL OF HUMANITY comes through Women. You think it isn't massively important to society that you stay home and have the discipline to raise your own kids, even though it is a thankless and un-monetized job title? Wake up. It's the most important job you can have. The less-than-observant need to be informed on the obvious nature of the matter before we lose access to those neural synapses that once exercised logic and reason. They are well atrophied at this juncture.

Sorry. That rant should have been its own post. In any case, I agree with you @builderofcastles. And @schattenjaeger this is not the first post of yours I've appreciated. Subbed. Keep ranting. Peace <3


No one on Steemit gives a fuck about this. It makes me a bit sad.

One more reason to rid ourselves of these seditious a-holes:

"Obama lackey Rosa Brooks wants Trump overthrown by the military"

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well said. resteemed


Posts like this never go anywhere on Steemit, though.


Human nature. We are subject to the "ostrich effect", and dealing with the nature of posts like this is uncomfortable. We don't want to believe our fellow citizens think like this...we don't want to alienate the friends and family that has been brainwashed by this scum...we don't want to think of the logical repercussions from having this many people brainwashed


Scum? I am a leftist. Am I scum? I vehemently disagree with virtually everything in this post. Am I scum?


you said you support the riots.

why in the hell do you think people are going to treat you with any respect when you advocate they should be attacked for not agreeing with you?


That is a straw man. I've said nothing of the sort. I support the use militant tactics, including property destruction, as a part of political protests. And I support taking a No Tolerance stance against hate speech promulgated by white nationalists. Denying them a platform to spread their message and organize politically is a perfectly justifiable strategy. I'd support a wide range of tactics to accomplish that goal. Ultimately, while not one to engage in violence myself, I can't condemn violence employed to that end, either. And property destruction is not violence, by the way.


nested reply

That is a straw man. I've said nothing of the sort.

bacchist68 · 3 hours ago
I support the Berkeley riots.


you advocate they should be attacked for not agreeing with you

I don't advocate that. I did not say anything of the sort. I explained myself in more detail in the response you just quoted. Since you'd rather attack your mischaracterization of my statements instead of my statements themselves, I don't see much of a point in continuing the conversation.


I support the Berkeley riots.

And the men and women who built that society? All the iPads and the iPhones, all the nice high end cafeterias, all the hipster restaurants, everything that these people use and enjoy in their daily lives. The people who built all that?

Scum of the earth!

I love this :)