These are the brands millenials most frequently talk about!

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Millennials are digital natives, so it comes as no surprise that the brands 18- to 34-year-olds talk about mostly come from the digital world. But there are also notable exceptions as the YouGov Millennials Ranking shows.

Especially Netflix is currently on every millennial’s lips: Almost 80 percent of the respondents said that they had talked about the streaming service in the past two weeks. Followed by Ikea, a classic brand. The Swedish furniture retailer enters the top 10 with around 74 percent. Apparently, the recent communication offensive by the furniture giant has been a success. Close behind them are WhatsApp, Amazon, Facebook, eBay, and Amazon Prime Video, all brands exclusively present in the digital world.

This shows that a cleverly devised communication strategy can put a brand in everybody’s mouth and, more importantly, on everybody’s mind. And today, there are extremely powerful tools
available to those brands and businesses who seek to level up their communication efforts.

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