MOD Re Torture Of Kozan Beyond Manslaughter Destitution Lifetime Harm And Damages By US Companies

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Letter to MOD, written in torture, hands hurt. Damaged a technologist and life. Lifetime harm and damages. Torture has gone global after 2020+ not housed. This letter, again SEO and writer, and director harmed veered off, zeroed after 18 hours in front of computer mostly, 19 years. Destroyed a human and let it go even further and further with non care. In all, one party paid - one party degraded. I believe a lot of people having heard about our company and development decided because facts astound me that this should be a £100 million per year company or close to. England director harmed. At this stage life missing. Can't write without feeling like tortured. People with agendas against lord title. Non respect of a director to any usable and destruction of professional skill bases and company and personality, musician and person. Police involvement in my torture and non interest or recovery is high. I don't get out of bed bouncing ready to work after fathers attacks and what has happened not housed, deteriorated and destitute 2020+. The whitehouse, SEC, stock exchanges are aware, companies house aware. Non recovery. Not counting me as a Brit. Is this a Brit? England my country. Harmed. Not to english standards. I believe it is used to scare families. Police want for civil unrest not safety of citizens.


Dear MOD

If you ordered going to afghanistan, and all the rest for safety of england that this must be acted upon immediately for an english citizens safety (born in england my country and nation).

That this message must be the last message that intervention, safety and recovery of life must happen and that if left intent was to torture victims and kill with what is covered here.

That this is a professional trained person and that these things must be rectified as a form of murder that must be averted. That this is england and that we make a basic assumption of £20,000 yearly at least for this life throughout his life in current inflation models.

That. Immediate... that Home Counties Driveways and Patios £40 for month Door 2 Door which is a £150,000 per year job industry wise for professionals and not a company was intent to kill. That Energy Green Insulation LTD £100 loan for month was intent to kill or will kill the person who it is done to, again £150,000 as job not company.

That this deviation and earlier in year invited to Community Fibre and held for month on zero, and then another company hired on spot due to experience then further time and was for Community Fibre did not provide any work and so extended £0 damaging a printer which now in all printers I have had states Fatal on its error code.

That the day I came to government in 2020 concern online businesses that I just raised that business to ~£500 per day which should resemble a £100 million per year company after since in business.

That Google the years ~£1,000 per year. No writer who's money is ongoing should be even to this day and not ~£1,000. Not 700 staff totals and £$ 4,000 per year (around).

I consider in murder plots and immediate recovery is needed for company and life. Immediate recovery of life needed. Microsoft Certified Professional, that this was solitary singular and not a life in england but tortured well below any formable life and that these since coming government and issuing £200 million bill is a form of murder and torture. Especially the 2020+ torture of a writer see global pulled like this to write with no assistance and recovery that this life is below intensive care levels while being kept alive effecting others as an advanced harm to families that it will destroy a family.

No proper money has flowed since coming government in 2020 and no housed was ever seen safe enough and no income models were ever present online save for after move re HMRC and fathers house. 19 years, 18 hours mostly in front of computer.

// Added from original that I have a Lord title from Scotland and have been disregarded from any respect to that title.

Immediate attention, safety and recovery needed.

Immediate attention, immediate.

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