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Yeah... A Milestone Post

Milestone posts are quite cliche. However, milestone posts are actually so cliche that people have stopped doing them. So here you go, lets:

Make Milstone Posts Great Again

This week I got my 600th follower! So, you know I celebrated a bit... like a very little bit, I think I asked my friend for a high five (I'm living in SF and let's just say it's a little expensive here). Anyway, this was me earlier this week when 599 followers became 600:

Maybe you disagree with this post and think 600 is trivial... or you think milestone posts are dead for a reason. Well, this cat gif has something to say in response to that:

Cheers, steem on, and have a happy Friday!

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Congrats buddy.


Congratulations man! Milestone posts are cliche?! I had no idea! Hahaha