Wow just got 200+ followers :) Thank you everyone!

in milestone •  last year

Wow Its just 13days ago when I got my 100 followers. Now its 200! Just want to say thank you very much to all of you who followed me even I didn't have post in the past few days.

I dont have money to reward you but let me thank you. Just post a comment here and I am going to visit your profile and make a comment. Let me know if you follow me, so I can follow you back! Hope to finish all projects so I can back to Steemit again.

Thank you!


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If you followed me, and you hate to type a comment, just UPVOTE this comment, and I'll follow you back! ;)


Congrats to your achievement. Well done kabayan.

Voted up to get more exposure.


Thank you yehey!

congrats bro!


Thank you bro

Congrats my friend.
It seems working for you.


Thank you for resteeming my post kabayan. Just followed u and upvoted your posts


Thanks din Sir.
I appreciate.

You just got one more ;) Follow me to ;) Thanks


Followed back dude thnk you


Congrats! Now we are waiting for another 100 ;)


Yeah thank you

Congrats, good work. Upvoted and following you! Check out my food blog!


Just followed you @lunz83 and upvoted some of your post :) cheers mate.

Congrats kapatid! Keep on Steemin'! :)


Thank you! I have just followed you kabayan :)

Congratulations and enjoy the Steemit Community