Results of my Milestone Gift Post

in milestone •  10 months ago


As a thank you to my followers after hitting over 300, I wanted to pick three to share the SBD from that post.

I made a random sequential list from 1 to 337 (the number of followers at the time). When I came to the follower corresponding to the number I checked for activity. If they were inactive I would move down the list. I also bumped up the gift amount a little. These were the active winners:

 @theb0red1    .11 SBD 

 @tattoodjay    .08 SBD 

 @manikchandsk   .04 SBD 

In addition I decided to share some of the SBD with the upvoters. The following folks will receive .011 SBD for upvoting; @theb0red1, @globatos82, @edgar.ramirez6, @tonymullins, @dhaneshpk, and @teungkuzur.

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Wow, thanks for the gift!

Wow greate article!
You just got a 11.24% upvote from @postdoctor!
Thanks for using the @postdoctor service!

How Cool!

You got a 45.45% upvote from @coolbot courtesy of @theb0red1!

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Thanks for the milestone gift :)

Thank you so much

SBD means what? I’m sorry I’m new here and I’m still a bit confused, I voted on this by the way