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RE: Appreciating 1000 Followers Milestone! Gifting 5 SBD

in #milestone5 years ago

I have 1421 followers, I have no idea how I got that many, in a way I have never built any rapport with them and I think they don't represent much in the way of upvotes, but it still is a nice feeling that all of these people have taken the time to click the follow link.
As for Steemcleaners I was once not flagged but cautioned because I wrote about a Chinese legend, I copied the content from another website and commented about it, I still think that is in no way plagiarism, I mean that legend was about 2,000 years old, no way the author was going to get upset about it, I had a lengthy argument with steemcleaners about this but they never admitted to having made a mistake and legally it is also out of any problems, I don't know if that disqualifies me.


Nice mate! I also do not know how I got that many followers but it is a nice feeling.

Thank you for clearing your disagreement with steemcleaners but copying is copying and I hope you do not do so again in future. Well the author may not be upset but hope you gave them enough credit for the work and summarize for yourself.

I will give you a boost when this post reaches its payout day. Thanks!

I did get the boost, thank you.

Thank you! Your reply was satisfying!

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