Milestones Time!!! Steem Monsters Giveaway

in milestone •  6 months ago

Milestone Time!!!

Steem Monsters Giveaway

Recently, I achieved 2 milestones:

  • 10,000 Steem Power


I'm giving away 2 Steem Monsters:



How to join?

Comment bellow and I will randomly choose 2 accounts that will get one card each.


(Click on the button)

(Go to and type fbslo at the bottom of the page)

Please read my Witness Thread and support me by voting @fbslo for witness.

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Congrats! First one looks really awesome

Wow thats very honourable of you...helping others to rise

Nice pack you got there, the 2nd hero reminds me of Sandman (Spiderman's enemy rofl) thanks for doing this, regards from Macedonia :D


I don't like that someone self-vote his comment under my post without upvoting my post.


Hey, sorry to hear that, I upvoted so it goes to the top, that was my intention only, sorry.
Can you please remove the downvote?

Great achievements!! Keep it up ;)

Čestitam. Samo tako naprej!!

It's a fantastic a achievement I remembered when you delegated 250 steempower to me, it was on my 150th day on steemit, what a perfect milestone it was for me.
10k steempower is really huge If you ask me, your intiative have been incrdible, including your bot too,
Congratulations buddy


Ha Golem... why does my mind go to "my precious" when reading that.

Congrats buddy ;)

For both the achievements ;)

There are more to come I suppose ;)

Congratulations on your big success. Hope you will get even more followers and sp very soon. Keep up the good work :D Enjoy your day...

Well done!


I wanted to add 3,000 SP earned from rewards, but I changed my mind later and I forgot to edit post.


ok, grats anyway!

Nice try! Thx for the great Action.

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what a great achievement! 3 days ago it was my first full year on steemit. I also just discovered steemmonsters and am very excited about it. An extra card would be more then welcome ;).

Goodluck for you ! Goodluck for me !

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Congratulations on reaching your milestones, keep up the good work and I'm sure you'll be hitting new ones very soon!!!

Crazy give away !!!
Lets see who gonna be the lucky ones

Congratulations! Thats the result of your hard work. Keep it up :)

Congrats my friend! :)

Amazing achievements, only way is up, Steem on!

Sweet! Congrats man! Way to go B-)

Those Golems be looking hella fine

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That are some serious milestones! Congrats.. I am totally new to the steemmonster hype so I would love to win one :)

great to share sir.congratulation

Congrats fbslo. Keep up your good work!


Congrats, you are the winner. You will get your card soon.


Really? Wow, thanks I guess it's my lucky day this Sunday :-)

Do I need to do anything to receive it?


You need to login here with your posting key:


Cool, thanks again! :)

bravo! se tako naprej

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Wow those are great milestones to celebrate!


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Great achievements especially the SP.

Congrats on the milestone!! Loving steemmonsters so far too :D keep on steemin.

Congrats on your recent milestones. If this 2 golems would take on each other, I wonder who would win that fight!

Congratulations on your recent success and achievements, @fbslo!! You example on Steemit is an inspiration to us all.

I would like to participate in this giveaway, as I’m also building a #steemmonsters card deck in preparation for the upcoming tournaments.

And there’s another thing I wanted to ask you. Could you please support my long-running “Feed Your Minnows” series with an upvote? We surely would appreciate an upvote from a dolphin like yourself! Here’s the most recent post:

Yo también quiero un paquete de cartas :D me encantaría tener más <3


A very harm warming congratulations from my side .... May u achieve even more and break the roof top :-)

Congrats on your two recent milestones. I hope that you are able to continue to grow and bless other people.

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go go go, gimme a card


Congrats, you are the winner. You will get your card soon.


Really?? Greatest news for this weekend, thanks @fbslo