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in milestone •  9 months ago


Well I must say thanks to everyone that is following me and for your support and comments.
This post sets 2 milestones. First over 1500 Followers & second 3000 posts when I hit the “Post” button.

Thanks again



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Congratulations!! Onto the next milestone now


Yes indeed. Thanks

congrats on the milestone


Thank you and love the fire works!

Dropped by with a vote and to say thanks and congrats on this milestone.... well 2 of them.


There is the big twice a year coin show in my city tomorrrow.

Tons of vendors etc.


Amazing. Thanks for the Upvote! It means a lot. We have a coin show at the end of March in my area but I would not call it big. Lol
Keep us posted on anything you pick up. I love looking at coins and stacks!


Yeah, no LOL

I am targeted by all forms of gov't and police state for my public and loud calling them all out, and challenging them everywhere here on policy starting in about 2010 after my city council run, when I found out the lies and idiots and nonsense connected to it all.

YT videos will show some of that, under my name if you are bored. Trust me.


I will check them out good Sir. We need people to stand up for other people that can’t.