Complete one year on steemit! | Let's talk about my One year journey.

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how are you all? Hope you are well.
Today is my one year Celebration on steemit. I am very happy to spend a year with Steemit.First of all I would like to thanks my friends, who help me a lot on steemit.They are @arindammroy @saafir

Let's start my story.

At 1st i didn't understand what's thing to post. So I was post some news about cryptocurrency which was fully copied. But few days later I start to post some pic with one line of title.Which was also not good.And after this i was start posting on dmania . I have posted a lot of meme on dmania. And days are going well, one more think when I joined steemit the price of SBD and Steem price are $1.0 but few months later on December price up to $13.0 and after january price is going down and down, and the price is $1.0 and $0.80 😔
Back to story.
After dmania i was start to post on steemhunt, i have review so many product.
Finally i was start posting #sadcasm
270 post i have made on sadcasm. These are related to all gossip, humor, entertainment and many more category.
And it is the end of journey. I know it so small.
Let's talk about my achievement.

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I am just new seriously, i am just trying to understand how to post what to post too

Congrats! Here's to another year of success!!

Wow! Congratulations mate... You are successful on steemit only by your hard work and dedication mate. Keep it up. I am a newbie and your post has motivated me a lot to work harder in here. Thanks for that# 😄

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congratulation, good to see your achievements . I am new on steemit as you were new 1 year post. I dont have friends on steemit to help me. Please help me as your friends helped you So I can wok more efficiently. Thank you


listo soy nueva tan solo un par de dias te segui por lo menos un granito

Congrats! Keep up the good work!

Congratulations for being on Steem for a year. Downvoted because I think you can do better. You can improve your formatting and your spelling. You should also engage more with your audience. Keep steeming and the best of luck to you.

An impressive and informative post. I'm new here and facing lots of difficulty and after reading your post , I'm quite relax and going to start work here again.
Thanks @apon6431

Congratulations on completing one year.


I am happy. Spacial, the steemit is number one NETCOINS. I hope, next year the Steemit is growing.

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Congrats on reaching the 1 year mark. It's great that you've been able to cash out some of your earnings but powering up those earnings would also have served you well.

My recommendation would be to engage with your audience more (you haven't replied to any of the comments on this post for example) and to make sure your posts are proof read for spelling, punctuation and grammar. There are many errors in this post.

You also seem to be focusing on the apps that will give you decent upvotes. While that's great and all, it doesn't build an audience which is where the true value is on Steemit.

Each to their own though, if your strategy works for you then keep at it.

congrats bro! keep it up :)

Congratulation, hope I can reach the same after my first year on the steem :) hope next year you have achieve more and more

Congrats man!) upvoted

hello @apon6431. Although it seems short, it is a good guide for those who have not yet left a year. Thank you.

@apon6431 are from Bangladesh????? Plz reply

Hello @apon6431 are you Bangladeshi???? Plz reply

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Nice! Congrats on ur achievements!!!

felicitaciones is to five more years :)

Congratulations @apon6431 many more milestone to achieve

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congratulations for this year of work and perseverance

Congrats I'm also new here and looking forward to experiences this

Congratulations on one year. You've developed quite a profile.

Gracias, por compartir tus experiencias lo cual permite conocer un poco mas de la familia steemit

I am sharing your post on all social networks because this is very interesting and informative


Lies. And why would you share such poorly written content?

First of congratulations man
I readed your post
you are self learner.

Happy anniversary! Inspired and happy for your achievement man! From small beginnings come great things. Keep it up!

Congrats on one year. It goes fast.

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Wow... A whole year... Congrats! It really expresses perseverance to achieve all of what you have achieved; your post is really good and your blog too... Which is for me sign of creativity! It's amazing how people get to know themselves through writing and experimenting new things... And I'm really glad for you! Here is when the really journey begin, enjoy!

Congratulations @apon6431!
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Wow I have been here even longer and haven't achieved a single thing .... God I suck


Well chosen username then. Maybe upload a profile picture? That always helps you stand out.

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congratulation on your achivements