I got 60 Steemit Reputation Score!!!!!!

in milestone •  11 months ago

With great power comes great responsibility!


I am 100% committed to original content at the best quality.

Keep following because I am a giver, I care about relations and I can make you rich.

No I can't make you rich... but I promise to listen

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Well done Amir you are one of the best in this platform sure you will hit 70 soon


You are one of the best followers ever!!! Ever since the post about the toast I know my posts going to be read. Also love your crypto analysis!


i'm telling you Amir we must to meet one day for some toast and ice ....


yes 100% with you

Congrats mate ;-)


Thank you! I appreciate your following, as I told you I enjoy the quality content you bring here to the platform!


Thumbs up!

כל הכבוד אחא, סחטיין!

Congratulations @amirl a good news.

I follow you when you are only 40+-....I know your content 100% original...great work bro

congrats for 60
hope to see more good content from you
as long as you are listening to us we are here
we will get the benefits this way or that way
haha that sex tag ,why man why


Thank you. Glad you noticed the sex tag ;)

Saludos, sigo al Profesor Hebrew y veo que ud hace buenos comentarios e interactuó muy bien con él.

Lo sigo a partir de hoy, tuve antepasados en Israel por mi abuelo.. pero se perdió todo vestigio de eso...de igual forma me gusta estudiar y conocer de las culturas antiguas como el Judaismo y de los contextos actuales... saludos desde Venezuela.


Thanks for the elaborate response

i'm new here and this post caught my eye .. from now on i'll pay more attention cuz i hope to see quality content as you have promised.

Keep the good work !


I will do my best to keep you happy

Very impressing i'm following you now and look forward so read your good posts to come


I will do my best

many congratulations to you you are giver.....you make us rich wow....


Well I was being funny (tried to...) but wish you luck


yes sir i hope you make us rich.....hehehe

wow!this one is great.I appreciate this.

yeah go ahead we are with you.

Congratulation my friend. I hope and believe I will go to your milestone soon In Sha Allah. Again wish you an amazing journey in STEEMIT. 😊