On Monday, August 5, the reward will be halved Litecoin miners

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The second half of the miners' reward (halving) of the lightcoin according to the laid down algorithm will take place at 1,680,000 block. It will be mined in the middle of the day on Monday, August 5 (Moscow time).

A decrease in reward approximately every 4 years was laid down in the Bitcoin system by its creator Satoshi Nakamoto. In 2020, the reward for the block of bitcoin will decrease for the third time - to 6.25 BTC. According to the same model, emission of its nearest forks occurs, primarily lightcoin. For the first time, the block reward decreased from 50 to 25 LTC in August 2015. Starting next Monday, miners with the same complexity and hashrate will receive only 12.5 LTC.

In the community, the next half of the issue of coins is usually waiting impatiently (all but miners), since over time it should cause an increase in the rate due to a drop in supply. Of course, no one can guarantee a twofold growth in the exchange rate just because of a slowdown in emissions - this requires, at a minimum, maintaining demand at the same level.

Even for popular coins, which include LTC, this rule works conditionally and with a delay, since the rate depends more on the general market condition than on the rate of issue. But in a bull market, after halving the reward, a coin can grow faster, and in a bear market, it can fall more slowly than others.

On the other hand, a drop in block rewards reduces the profit of miners and can even make their work unprofitable if the rate does not grow. Therefore, part of the miners can go to other coins, which will temporarily reduce network security. But more loyal miners will increase their share of hashrate in the network for a while.

But since LTCs are mainly mined on ASIC miners, the choice of coins for which is small, a serious drop in the hash rate is unlikely to happen - in 2015, under less favorable market conditions, it fell by only 15%. Now, during the period of the bull market, miners will hope for a faster growth rate.

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