Middle Theory Podcast Episode For 06.30.17. Trump’s Twitter-Tantrum

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Show Notes

This week on Middle Theory, for some reason Donald Trump’s latest “Twitter-Tantrum” are the leading story in the news (again).

What does the ongoing saga of our commander in chief’s social media activity tell us about him, his mental state, and the country at large?

While the furor over “Trump Tweets” rages on, there have been actual things going on in the news, which include developments with the Senate Health Care Bill, as well as a Supreme Court ruling in favor of Donald Trump’s travel ban.

We also look at a European Human Rights court that decreed a baby in England should die with dignity, rather than be released into parental care for experimental treatments.

Okay, okay… but getting all that “important stuff” out of the way so we can return to everyone’s morbid fascination with Trump’s Tweeting habits, the President came under fire for the latest in a vile string of insults, this time hurtled at MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski, along with her co-host Joe Scarborough.

Could it actually be, just maybe, that this entire thing is being overblown by the media?

On the other hand, are there legitimate things we learn about Trump, his presidency, and social media in general from careful discussion and analysis of this mess?

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Trump is fighting back against a dishonest propaganda machine. See Project Veritas for real truth.

Last decade American people and media have changed a lot. Media have HUGE(see what I did there :D) power in manipulating people. Some people do not even research and will believe those TV channels are speaking truth. SO in my point of view, Trump did good job. Those tweets were just for fun. I bet if Obama shared something alike many people would be like: "Look how funny and CUUUL our president is". CNN got what they deserved.


CNN can't take a joke it seems.

About travel ban. Its kinda ironic to see that they have not banned Arab Emirates(ONE of the biggest sources of terrorism). However, well it was expected as they(US government) get a lot of money from them.


Emirates are minor league - what about Saudi Arabia? Anyway if you are really rich and have a lot oil you can do what you like I suppose.

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Yes I thought this account was whitelisted though as it is the official account for Middle Theory on here.

Hi there ✌🏻 I'm Vikky and I'm a new steemer! I'm not flooding/spaming, I'm just sharing funny stories with pictures about my golden retriever puppy Mr. Oliver 🐶🐶🐶 Follow me back and vote for my posts if you're interested in them! Thanks a lot ❤️