How to choose the right microwave for your home

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Did you know that the Food and Drug Administration regulates the manufacture of microwave ovens and that microwave ovens should be subject to stringent safety standards set by the Food and Drug Administration to ensure that microwave emissions do not pose a public health hazard, so in this article we will take all housewives on an important tour To know the most important criteria for choosing the microwave and its best uses.

Here's the information to help you make sure your microwave is safe

           How does the microwave work?

In order to ensure the safety of this device you must first know how it works:

The microwave waves are electromagnetic waves. These waves cause vibrations of water molecules inside the food. These vibrations generate heat that cooks. These waves are produced from a cylinder inside the furnace. The waves can pass through the glass, paper, plastic, but absorb. With food.

           Is the microwave safe?

  •   The manufacturer must certify that the device is subject to the emission limit set by the Food and Drug Administration.
  • Most microwave-related injuries are heat-burning (hot pot, overheated food, spilled hot liquids), and there are rarely injuries from electromagnetic emissions.

           Tips for safe use of the microwave

  1. Follow the manual and safety precautions.
  2. Do not use it if the door is not tightly sealed or damaged in any way.
  3. Some types of microprocessors should not be run and are empty.

Important information about the microwave

            Safe containers Use in the microwave:

  • Use specially designed containers to be placed in the microwave (glass, ceramic, plastic) and should be indicated as usable in the microwave.
  •   Thermal paper should not be used because the waves are reflected, cause uneven cooking, or can cause damage to the microwave.

              Hot water phenomenon:

  •   This phenomenon occurs when water is heated in the microwave in a cup beyond the boiling point without showing any sign of boiling, a simple movement that leads to the outbreak and water spills suddenly, which can cause serious burns on the hand due to boiling.
  • Adding water items such as sugar and coffee reduces the possibility of this phenomenon, also follow the usage guidelines for the duration of heating.

               Interference with pacemakers:

  Modern pacemakers are designed not to be affected by electrical interference. Consult your doctor if you have any questions.

               Check for leakage:

There is no reason to worry about the leakage of electromagnetic waves if the door is intact and not damaged in any way if you suspect a problem with the manufacturer or the warranty company to inspect the device.


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