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Wow! Haha you're kidding me! How can they do that?

Microsoft does not limit their redistribution excessively. They just made it hard to find them. If you look you can find current win10 isos on microsoft's site. They have been providing these downloads since at least windows 7.

OK, been quite happy on Mac OS since 2009 :)

Ah - melanoma instead of full-on brain cancer. ;)

Oh man, this shit has taken me all afternoon to figure out. Here's the ironic thing. MSI provide a tool to integrate the USB3 drivers to a win7 bootable. It didn't work on the MSI motherboard, but it worked on the other machine with an ASUS board.

This is the fucker:


The happies to see the 'configure the hdd' screen with a win7 usb on ANY of my hardware was like, omg, so much


Owned my shit, finally.

Cancer doesn't earn me 8 euros a day, a very decent amount of money in this territory.

Once I have one installation set up, it should not be hard to plug it into the other bastard thing and make it work. I am so relieved. The first one I got to work, is the one that doesn't have a windows 8.1 driver for the two amd rx580 cards in it. So now, I have my miner sorted. You know, windows 10 wasn't actually starting up my miner app automatically. It was working before. They actually made an update that was a downgrade. Unusable.

Now to test it on my other MSI mobo with the ryzen7.

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