3 Tips to improve your Word documents

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 It is the a, b, c in terms of text processing programs, Microsoft Word has always been our faithful companion at the time of submitting a report, doing some work or writing an article.

Regardless of the version you have, Word works in the same way all the time. Of course, if we complete it with a subscription to  Office 365 there are extra advantages, so sharing a membership (valid for 5 users, all with the same advantages) is worth it.  You can Download Microsoft office for cheap - Taking Your Business to the Highest Level

Although you think you know everything about Word, today we want to discover three tricks to improve your Word documents. 

1. Expand your information with Smart Lookup

Whether we have to submit a paper for the job, or a document for the university, we will need as much data as possible to carry it out in the most professional way. On the Internet we can consult all kinds of data, but the time spent on it and the distractions that we face can have an impact on our productivity.

For this reason, Word integrates Smart Lookup , a search engine of information on the web integrated into the application itself that allows us to search, consult and copy any type of data that is on the Internet.

To use it, just  type what you want to see in the search box or right click and select "Smart Lookup". After this, in the right part of our document we will be shown a series of references that we can consult and use to improve the result of our work. 

2. Give your documents privacy with a password

One of the advantages offered by Office 365 is that you can save any important Word document with a password. Many times it is good to give the privacy you need to the information that we have worked on since currently the hackers abound and the information is usually valuable for other people.

Even if you trust the people with whom you share the document, they may not be as responsible when it comes to taking care of your devices like you, so a password could save you serious problems.

For your Word documents to have an appropriate password you must go to File> Save as and in the window where you name the file and choose the location, you must display the Tools option . Once there, you have to look for General options and then a new window will appear in which you will have to put the appropriate password for your Word document .

Forget about any concern about information theft, thanks to this small gesture and nobody will have access to your information. 

3. Make a zone of the Word document can not be modified

Although I already told you how to add a password to take care of the entire document and avoid any problem of theft, there are situations where you have to take care of some areas and that they can not be changed. Thanks to this, your document, despite being available for another (and editable) thanks to the advantages of co-authoring Office 365 , that marked area, will not be.

To achieve this it is essential to activate the paragraph marks, this is done from the menu Start> Paragraph> Show all. When this has already been done, you have to click on Review> Protect document> Restrict format and edition, when you get here a new window will be opened and there you have to check the option " Only admit the type of edition in the document ". A list will open where you will have to look for the option to fill out the form.

Finally, you have to choose the option "Select sections" and a new window will open to select the text you want to protect. When you click on the secondary click on " Yes, apply protection " and you just have to put the password we want.

As you can see, it is a small gesture with which we can have our Word documents safe  . 

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