microscope imagery and artistic renditions - posting 001

in #microscopylast year (edited)

Hello every steemian! This is my first posting on the amazing platform that steemit is! I am an enthusiastic biologist by profession and like to publish some of my microscopy work that I do at home. To make things interesting I like to process my microscope images with graphics software and create interesting renditions of plant cell imagery. Here we go!

My microscope, carefully kept inside a simple plastic dust cover. dust gets everywhere most annoyingly inside the photographic capture device!

Anyways, using various graphic effects, below is a first playful rendition of plant cell cytoplasm with its hundreds of leucoplasts bursting out of a ruptured plant cell!

A015 - 20121023_155844-p02.jpg

Thank you for visiting my steemit blog, stay tuned for more soon.

note: all microscope imagery and artistic renditions of my own making