Microscopic Monday- First Edition from The U.S.S. Minnowprize- Appetizing Microprizing!

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Welcome to the first edition of Microscopic Monday!

Granted, we've done a couple microscopic posts since the acquisition of our newest tool.. but this is the OFFICIAL post!

From now on, we will do Microscopic Mondays and try to limit the views of the miniature world to once a week (try being the keyword)!

We hope you enjoy looking at things just a touch closer!

Let's take a peek at some noms and random things!

Candied Ginger!


Look how delicious and juicy it looks. And that sugar coating!

Beef Jerky!



Okay, it definitely doesn't look as appetizing at this magnification.. but still tastes good!

Mocha Instant Coffee!



How cool are the structures of the sugar crystals?!

A Burnt Candle Wick Vs A New One!


The little drop of wax is adorable!


(They are scented like mint and cucumber, in case you are curious.)

A Finger!






Oh dear god, they don't make water hot enough.. Excuse me, I must go obsessively wash my hands now.

A Salted Cashew!



Salt crystals! Nomnomnom! <3

Random... stringy thread thing?


As the microscope was turned to resting position this tiny little hair was spotted just hanging out on the base. Decided to take a closer look! Sadly, it came out a little blurry because.. well, everything is high winds to something this small.


Inspecting the base of the microscope stand because it looks cool! Much texture!

And that concludes this week's edition of Microscopic Monday! We'd love to keep going but we would get nothing else done!

Is there anything you would like to see up close and personal?! As long as it isn't a funnel web spider, we can probably do it!

What about from above with 4k drone footage?!

Leave us some suggestions in the comments!

Much love, @sammosk and @stitchybitch <3

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All eyes dazzle me. Each have a different story to tell. Would love to see up close of different living beings :-)


I love scientific articles @sammosk

crystal under microscope

I spy with my little brown eye something that is .... AWESOME!!!!
What a very cool concept. Can't wait till Monday...wait, did I just say out loud that I can't wait for Monday!?!


who would have thought such words would exit a mouth

Oh my God this really serious, I love this post, is this how our foods look like? It's a different thing entirely.. Nice research

Wow..this is very, very incredible, really a super sophisticated tool. to enjoy the beauty of nature, of course this tool is needed. success is always my friend, and thank you so much for showing us the greatness that is stored in as smooth as universe universe

Now I will have to keep my hands clean
Yes I enjoyed looking at things just a touch closer!

OMG! Are these what our foods look like under the microscope? I'll like to see you do a #noodles_under_the_microscope. Lol..forgive me. I love noodles.

amazing animation. I like this. many many thanks.

Very cool! I use a microscope every day, and it's certainly a totally different world.

at once it looks disgusting but at the same time its really nice. the texture and deepness.

U.S.S. Minnowprize, LOL! I started doing a STEEM TREK series last week, we should get together and make some dank steem memes!



Dank Steemes?

Punmaster will see himself out.


omg, yes. usually i limit myself to 10% on upvotes, but u, sir, got the full 100% XD

You should do a microscopic monday picture guessing contest, people try and guess what it is all week long, whoever gets it right first wins a prize...

WOW That's a new angle!

woaaaaa.... mocha coffee was my favorite- i assume those were little sugar crystals, i wish i was microscopic, with the exception of being on hands- GROSS.

You are really funny :D


why did this comment make me think of this scene? :P

wao nice, i love microscopic,
in my blog you can find photos of parasites taken through an optical microscope.