Life Under the Microscope #9

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Hi again.
Another microscope video I made. This is from another sample of stagnant water.
This is a close up of a microorganism called a ciliate. I'm not sure of the exact type ... possibly Euplotes.
Unfortunately for this guy, the water between the microscope slide and the coverslip started to spread out and so the distance between the two decreased causing him to get squashed. You will see a sudden release of internal fluid and organelles to the top right and evetually leakage all around its body.
Not a pleasant way to go.

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Very nice again! Thank you!

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Hi ozricho,

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Hello Hello!

Amazing! I've always liked to see this kind of life-related relationship, I think it's excellent

Greetings from Venezuela

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Greetings from Australia.
Thanks for commenting.

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oh dear @ozricho, I've never seen anything like it !! and the water that leaked ... well, for sure it wasn't a good death for him, but to see it was a fantastic image :-)) thanks for sharing and congratulations on your curie vote

Thank you :)

What a good post! Some science in steemit is great. Thank you for sharing these little ciliates. Regards @ozricho

Thank you for commenting :)