Nutrient dense foods

in microgreens •  last year 

We are growing a lot of nutrient dense foods in our garden this year. Try microgreens on everything you eat. The broccoli and cabbage microgreens have fourty times the nutrients as a whole broccoli or a whole head of cabbage. Here are what microgreens look like. image.jpg
The ones on the left are radish microgreens, the ones in the middle are broccoli microgreens, and the ones on the right are pea shoots.

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Good post


That looks like some good food...

Thank you. Have you tried them?

Never tried radish or broccoli microgreens, :( just broccoli and radish. Have had pea shoots and spinach microgreens. So I think I have an idea of what it might taste like.

That’s cool that you have tried pea shoots and spinach microgreens. I haven’t tried spinach microgreens yet. Sound delicious.