Lucia's dream

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-What a headache, that constant sound is making me despair- Lucia said.

She had been awake late at night without falling asleep, on the wall there was a stain that reminded her of a friend's face, but it looked as if he had been beaten a lot.

-It is difficult to find inspiration with so such a disorder-

She said aloud without anyone answering him.

The old book he had been reading seemed to move by itself, in front of his eyes, it seemed to disappear to reappear a little more far on the table, it had drawings of naked human bodies with animal faces engraved on cowhide pasta and the figure of a beautiful naked woman half covered with her own hair.

-I give up, this time I will not be able to paint anything-

She said to herself while throwing the brush with Indian ink on the table-

The next morning they found Lucia dying with notorious marks of anemia, on the table there was a strange book with grotesque but fascinating winged beasts painted in blood and black ink.

The disturbing sound that had previously made her desperate had become an ally.

Historia e imagen

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Wow, what an interesting story, @nocturnus! I've read it several times. (And I apologize for the late response!) So, she is an artist who paints mythical creatures in blood. I hoped to figure out what the sound was, but I couldn't quite get my mind around that. I think you'll have to tell me!