Off the head Businesses you can start that don't require a lot of capital

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I was having a conversation with a random guy i had just met, we spoke broad of a subject that touched on issues politics (this a a guaranteed topic with Kenyans, and i can't believe the animosity it's caused) and issues youth employment and whether they should just try their luck in business instead of waiting for blue collar jobs.

I know for a fact nothing goes according to plan when it comes to the path you choose to take in life but the folly in youth makes us believe that we've got it all covered - only to realize that its indeed NOT. I always believed that i would be structural engineer in my youth but that clearly never happened and this is not my story alone, it is a story for alot of people who ended up doing what they had not planned. I never dreamt that i would ever become an events planner but i did and i ended up liking it.
Soo many factors contributed to this, all in all - lessons learn;

  • Business is sweet
  • Create employment

Don't stay idle

Evil creeps when you're idle and even before you start saying there is nothing you can do without any form of assistance, idleness is not a choice you can afford to make! We all know the consequences of choices and idleness is the number 1 cause of death. If you don't believe me go try being idle for an hour! In an hour alot of things happen.

  • A basketball match is played.
  • Tens of thousands babies are born.
  • In an hour Millionaires are created
    I know you see where im heading with this!

There things you can therefore do and NOT blame it on anything but yourself. Below is a list of small business you can do to make your life better.

1. Boiled Egg Business


Remember my conversation with the random guy? A queue at the bank had us talking a talk that was inspiring, full of hope and resilience. The guy's story was a perfect rags to riches tale, one that started some years back when he had nothing to do, stuck in boredom and contemplating carjackings as his next course of action!
A friend who had talked him out of these thoughts helped him acquire.

  • A jiko, sufuria and an egg warmer all valued at ks 5000 or $50
  • An egg crate @ ks 200 or $2
  • Some onions, tomatoes and salt @ $1

That was it to start him, positioning himself at a high traffic area ensured his crate of boiled eggs was sold out within minutes. 20 years later a millionaire was born.

2. Second hand clothes and shoes

I am an ultimate thrift shopper, my friend Amos makes sure to find me first grade he calls himself my stylist and often suggests what i should wear for what occasion. I love these clothes because i am assured if quality and good brand.
He operates from a shanty and you would never believe the kind of high end brand clothes he sells. So i asked him how are the sales? His answer shocked me!
A ks 30000 or $300 bale is able to fetch him ks 75000 to 100000 in sales after a week, sometimes in 3 days.
There are bales for kes 5000 that you can start with..

3. Hair dressing

Some of us are blessed with hands that can work magic on hair only that we don't realize sometimes. Plating hairs requires no capital! Just start and let your skills market you.

4. Groceries

We all need veggies in our lives and we want a clean, friendly person to provide the same for us. All that is need to start this business your personality and a few bucks. How much? you ask. Ks 1000 or $10.

5. House cleaning services

I hire someone to wash my clothes and clean my house. All i need is someone i can trust and one that will go out of the way to go a great job! A day's job will earn you ks 1000 to ks 1500.

There's alot you can do to bring meaning to your life, it doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg! Do not use your brain or strength to hurt others. Rather, use them to uplift yourself and create employment.


This is a really comprehensive list. You forgot, one can join steemit and start writing and earn from it too.

Indeed it is. We have do what we have to do to survive so long as its legal.

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