Evidence of Machine Hacking for Biden Comes Out in MI: Citizens Should Demand the Ballot Images

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Evidence of vote-counting machine hacking has emerged in Michigan. Republican officials are questioning how a deep red county like Antrim, which went 62% - 32% Trump over Clinton in 2016, and 60% - 38% Romney over Obama in 2012, could suddenly flip to 62% Biden to 38% Trump. Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula have always been notoriously red.

The concern is not the small number of votes in the one small county, but the possibility that the weakness in the vote-counting machine used across Michigan, Imagecast Precinct, may have been used in less noticeable ways to build Biden's slim margin across the state.

A Michigan state representative has called the results in Antrim County "upside down."

In election watching parlance, this is primary evidence of a machine hack. Machine hacking is when optical vote-counting machines are hacked to add or subtract votes erroneously, to deliver an advantage to a candidate. If there is one thing only that optical scan machine must be able to do very precisely, it is to count votes. And they do. But not when they are programmed specifically to alter those votes.

A computer programmer, Bennie Smith, made the discovery in 2016 that vote-counting machines can assign fractional numeric values to votes, making it possible to actually decide what margin of victory one desires beforehand, and working backwards, make the votes add up beyond suspicion (Below.) In short, there is no such thing as a fractional vote. The only reason for it to exist in a system is to perpetrate machine fraud.

At the annual Def Con Annual Hacking Conference in Las Vegas, the hacking of vote-counting machines has been called "child's play."

The anomaly in Antrim County opens the question of whether the centralized system may have been hacked to favor Biden, but by smaller, less obvious margins. In Antrim it seems someone may have gotten overly enthusiastic.

Because each time an extra vote is added to one candidate, a vote is subtracted from another, the final total vote count is reasonable and does not exceed the polling station totals. The only way to discover it is to either count the votes on the paper ballots by hand, or count them on what are called the ballot images.

Michigan officials have explained that that it must have been a "transposed" number. But election returns are printed out or delivered directly via modem to central tabulators. A human hand never copies them, and machines do not "transpose" numbers. Regardless, if there is nothing to hide, officials should be willing to release the ballot images to citizens.

Antrim county, and much of Michigan, uses the Imagecast Precinct optical tabulator, made by Dominion Systems, which contains an audit feature which automatically takes a digital image of each paper ballot as it is fed into the machine.

Any citizens can put in a request for the ballot images.

Examining the ballot images for a race, which are all anonymous since the paper ballots themselves are anonymous, is a far less costly way of verifying a ballot count, since it does not involve the special handling of the paper ballots. This is how you bust machine hacking.

Just recently, in Massachusetts, a Republican US Senate candidate filed a lawsuit against the secretary of state, after the secretary's office admitted to destroying all the ballot images in his race. The lawsuit held that destruction of the ballot images was illegal since all records pertaining to any federal election must be preserved for 22 months, according to federal law (52 USC 20701.)


For a good overview of the ballot images see "Voting Machine Digital Ballot Images Could Let Public Recount Elections, But Many Locales Aren't Saving or Sharing This Data" at Alternet.com.

Ballot Image Browsing Software
Source: Wired

Some election departments have argued that ballot images do not constitute election records. However, in various court cases, it has been explained that, in fact, the ballot images are primary documents, because when the vote counting systems in question automatically generate the ballot image, the optical reader does not discern votes from the paper ballot. It discerns them from the ballot image. ("Making Digital Ballot Files Public Is Key to Transparency")

Over 60% of US voting jurisdictions use this type of technology.

AuditElectionsUSA.org publishes a database of the counties and cities in the US whose voting systems use ballot imaging technology.

Ordinarily, in order to obtain a recount for a race, a candidate must undergo an uphill battle in court to force election authorities to access the paper ballots.

Some Trump supporters are urging the Trump campaign to demand the digital ballot images for all races in which there are strange anomalies, such as Antrim County. However, because they are public records, any citizen anywhere can do the same.

HBO documentary Hacking Democracy, vote-count hacking demonstration


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