Male Mentors, Hell by the Dashboard Light, Alt-MGTOW, Depression

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Male Mentors, Hell by the Dashboard Light, Alt-MGTOW, Depression

An impromptu chat on the road in the style of Hell by the Dashboard light, one of many content creators whose ideas are getting thrown down the memory hole by our Leftist authoritarian babysitters. I also mention Alt-MGTOW, a truly fascinating man whose wise insights are coinciding with an existentially trying time in his life.

Other topics covered are male mentorship; how heavy metal's dark musings mirror how all men must grapple with spiritual powers that are both deep and dangerous; and the coming pushback by everyday people against the totalitarian's need to indoctrinate their children.

Bands mentioned: Dissection, Woods of Ypres, Yearning, and Necrophobic (David Parland, not Daniel--I apologize for the mistake).

People mentioned: Vention1MGTOW, Mayor of MGTOWN, Razorbladekandy2. Also, Dashboard has another channel called These Things I Believe.

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