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So I want to take this time to talk about the MGTOW movement. This is an acronym for "Men Going Their Own Way".

For those wondering, yes at the present moment I am a MGTOW.

To be honest, I have been a MGTOW by default since December 2013.

Now I don't want to downplay those men who are in relationships. You are free to live your life the way you choose provided that you don't harm anyone else. But to the young men, specifically those in the 18 to 25 age group, i highly recommend going MGTOW.

You must understand that in the type of political climate that is taking place around you, getting involved with a woman is a bad idea. At the present moment we are in an age of third-wave feminism and social justice warriors. This is the age where women in first world countries feel like they live in a male-dominated society where they are oppressed. Now call me crazy, but compared to how women are treated in Saudi Arabia, a woman in a first world country has NO GROUNDS to complain about how oppressed they are.

At least women in places like America can leave their home without being accompanied by a man, or being allowed to drive a car, or hold a leadership position. So where is this oppression that you are dealing with? Because of this, there are women who take advantage of men in order to maintain comfort and security at the man's expense. And most of them are succeeding since the marriage and divorce laws favor women more than men. This is leading men to opt out of relationships and marriage. And for great reason too.

On top of that, if a man has children with a woman then his options will become severely limited. Do you have any idea what the cost for a child is nowadays? If you don't have the means to raise and support a child then I would highly advise against get any women pregnant. Child support is a burden that you may not be able to confidently afford.

Add to that a global economy that is rapidly falling into crisis and a man can barely stand on his own two feet. This can cause unnecessary stress, extreme worry and great fear, which can cause a man and his health to deteriorate. Don't you have enough problems to deal with? Why create more by falling into a trap that you could have easily avoided?

Let me also plant this seed in your head.

Where did the idea of romantic love come from? It came from stories that other men created in order to generate a false feeling. In my opinion, there is no such thing as romantic love. It is just an idea suggested to other people that were vulnerable enough to buy into it.

Because of this invention of romantic love, we have holidays like Valentine's Day, and events like anniversaries and date night.

What is the issue with this? In my opinion romantic love strikes me as a marketing ploy in order to sell things like flowers, candy, dinners at fancy restaurants, jewelry, vacations, and other assorted gifts. Seems more about getting the public to consume while playing on their emotions and egos. All in the name of getting a female to "put out".

The idea of marriage in modern times strikes me more as a long-term prostitution contract rather than a connection based on love. The material gain aspect took all the loving aspect of marriage. The number one cause for divorce is money. That is a problem people.

So with all these issues just lurking around the corner, it is no surprise that a man would make the decision to go MGTOW.

Now I wouldn't be fair if I didn't touch on what I believe to be the dark side of MGTOW.

It is becoming quite clear that there is an agenda to cull a huge population to what the elite deem to be a manageable number (translation: a population that they can easily control). Besides things like GMOs, vaccines, chemtrails, LGBTQ and pharmaceuticals, it would be ignorant not to rule MGTOW as one of those things that contribute to population control. If men are going their own way, making the decision not to pursue physical relations with women, the birth rate will free fall.

On top of that, MGTOW have been getting involved with sex robots. As a matter of fact, this idea has been fully embraced in Japan. My opinion is that the divide and conquer between men and women is by design as part of the collapse of society. A gender war if you will. It has gotten so bad that men having chosen to have a relationship with an android rather than a human female.

Before the sex robots men had pornographic films in ordered to curb their lust. Perhaps adult films were the precursor to the sex robot industry.

This free will choice to pursue relations with sex robots may stem from a man reaching his threshold with women. Women who have used their bodies and their reproductive abilities to attract men in order to gain access to his resources, and then using the state to the fullest of their advantage in order to get all they can from the man has led to a breaking point.

This breaking point has led man to say "No more".

The gender war was in full effect.

The reaction to radical feminist ideology coupled with government influence favoring women in the legal system was men going their own way.

Men acted in self defense as those who were waking up saw the writing on the wall. The gender war was not about men fighting women. It was about men IGNORING women and finding freedom in an unfree world.

Now there may be a percentage of men who go MGTOW for the moment, meaning that they were not necessarily swearing off women, but they were getting their life together while temporarily deciding not to get involved with a woman.

This may be ideal for the man who may want to get involved with a woman for the purpose of having a child to pass their wealth onto, because let's be honest, what is the point of gaining wealth and then having no one to pass it onto once you're about to check out of this life? If you work hard and smart that whole time just to die and leave your wealth behind, best believe the state will now get its grubby hands all over it.

But for those who do plan to go MGTOW and stay MGTOW I do not blame you. The modern world has a way of forcing you to make decisions in order to protect yourself. Remember, your life is 100% your responsibility.


Well written MGTOW post Mike. Followed 👍🏽

Thanks for the support @kriscantu. I will follow you to return the favor.

Great. Thanks for sharing. I'm starting to follow you.

Thanks @capari. I will definitely return the favor.

MGTOW is an anti-love movement to divide the genders, like feminism, it is based in materialism, gender-identification, and biological determinism that doesn't take into account consciousness, Natural Law, and evolution; that we are spiritual beings under Natural Law-the Law of Love and the Law of One, not material beings under the socially-engineered State. MGTOW is no solution to the problem of the social-conditioning of women that turns them against men, with the perks of the State... MGTOW merely enforces the social-conditioning of divide and conquer to abandon women, be alienated from them, to give up on the most sacred bond between man and women, as the Law of Gender is one of wholeness not fragmentation. To believe in MGTOW is to sill be under the mind-control and to give the controllers what they want which is an anti-love, anti-human society of hatred and apathy.

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