Well Blockchain - Protocol for Healthcare

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It is a Global block chain designed for health care.
WELL is globalizing healthcare and eliminating countries borders to directly connect doctors, therapists, psychologist and other health care specialists to patients worldwide.
It's been partnered with Relief Foundation.
It will be really helpful for natural disasters like Hurricane hit Puerto Rico recently.
It is very useful where people have no access to money to afford doctors.
It is great in Tele Medicine.It is cheap, affordable,time saving, no need to take appoints or be in a queue for hours.
Best doctors across world will be ready to help you 24/7.
They are already active in Puerto Rico and trying to get partnered with Government agencies.

Hope it will bring boon to our world and makes it more better place to live and enjoy.

They have great team from healthcare industry and many other veterans in their filed.

You can check there website and read white paper - www.joinwell.io